How to find the right workbench to DIY at home?

Are you looking for a good workbench for your DIY work? But you don’t know how to choose it, with all the choices. In our top 3 of the best workbenches, you will find the perfect model for tinkering with peace of mind and optimizing the storage of your tools.

How to choose your workbench to tinker with peace of mind?

To choose the ideal workbench model, you must necessarily take into account your needs, the nature of the work and the scope of the work you wish to carry out as well as the space you have available for its installation. Based on this data, here are the characteristics that should hold your attention:

  • The dimensions and ergonomics of the workbench
  • Stability and robustness
  • The thickness and material of the tray
  • The maximum load supported
  • The price.

Top 3 workbenches for DIY

To take full advantage of the previous tips for buying a good DIY workbench, all you need to do is apply them, along with one of these workbenches.

Metal workbench with wall and workshop drawers

The workbench has an MDF panel offering a large and removable 120 x 60 cm worktop. It is equipped with a large drawer of 115 x 55 x 5 cm and a shelf and a wall drawer with holes for easy storage of your tools.

The steel structure, compact design with non-slip feet gives the workbench the strength and stability you need. With a size of 120 x 60 x 150 cm, it can support a weight of 27 kg and comes with a set of 12 hooks.

Wolfcraft 6908000 Master 700 Workbench

The Wolfcraft Master 700 is a 3-in-1 clamping workbench that offers all the versatility, ergonomics and stability you need to work smoother.

It is equipped with a graduated MDF panel and equipped with fixing slots. It offers a workbench surface of 680 x 390 mm, with an adjustable working height between 78 to 95 cm for a maximum load of 150 kg.

The Master 700 also offers you the advantage of being able to mount stationary tools and perfect stability thanks to its Z-shaped bases.

Wolfcraft Master 200 Universal Workbench and Clamping Table

This Wolfcraft Master 200 is an ideal choice if you are looking for a versatile, strong and inexpensive work bench.

It is an aluminum model of foldable design with a graduated and highly resistant MDF type top. Its multi-position stabilizer pads and the 4 supplied clamping blocks allow you to carry out your sanding and assembly work with greater ease.

The Master 200 also incorporates a practical tool holder for storing your tools and can support a maximum load of 180 kg

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