How to find your PUK code: Orange, Free, Bouygues, SFR?

By entering the wrong PIN code three times, the SIM card is automatically blocked and becomes unusable. The only solution to unlock your SIM card is to enter the famous PUK code or unlock code.

So how do you unlock your phone? We invite you to discover how to find your PUK code easily and quickly with the four largest French mobile operators: Orange, Free, Bouygues and SFR without having to buy a new SIM card.

How to find your PUK code at Orange?

At Orange, to find your PUK code you must go to your Orange customer area or look at the back of your SIM card holder.

To connect to the Orange customer area, you must identify yourself with your e-mail address associated with your account (or your Orange phone number) and your password.

In your customer area, you will find an “Equipment” menu which offers troubleshooting and configuration of your Orange equipment. You must select the smartphone corresponding to the blocked line and click on “SIM card blocked (PUK code)”.

Finally, you will come across the page “Get your PUK”In which you will have to click again on“ SIM card blocked (PUK code) ”.

How to find your PUK code at Free?

The PUK code at Free Mobile is located at back of your SIM card holder and on your subscriber area from the Free Mobile site.

Log in to your Free subscriber area with your Free username and password. On your subscriber area, go to “Manage my account”, then “My personal information”.

You will find the option “See my PUK code”, Which will display it directly by clicking on it. As a security measure, it will also be sent as a copy to the e-mail address attached to your Free account.

How to find your PUK code at Bouygues?

At Bouygues, the PUK code is written on the back of the SIM card holder, on your customer area and on the operator’s application. You can also call customer service or go to a Bouygues Telecom store, but you will be charged € 7.50 for the service.

Log in to your Bouygues customer area by identifying yourself with your mobile number (or associated e-mail address) and your password.

On your customer account, you must select the line concerned and go to “Emergencies and troubleshooting”. Then clicking on “Unlock my SIM card”, The PUK code will be displayed automatically.

With the Bouygues Customer Area application available on the App Store and Gogle Play, you will find the PUK code in the “Assistance” section, “Mobile assistance” then “Unblock my SIM”.

How to find your PUK code at SFR?

At SFR, you will find your PUK code on the back of your SIM card holder in the absence of, on your SFR online customer areagne or on the SFR & Moi application.

For your SFR customer area, log in by entering your username (line number, email or NeufID) and your password.

In the “Offer and Mobile” section you have the “Mobile” menu, then the “Emergencies and breakdown services” sub-menu. In the latter, click on “Recover your PUK code” so that it is displayed.

With the SFR & Moi application available on the App Store and Google Play, you must go to the Mobile support FAQ. There you will find the option “Unblock your SIM card” which will directly display the PUK code of your line.

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