How To Find Your Stolen Car More Easily?

When you’re about to pick up your car parked near you and it’s gone, that’s when you panic. Immediately you think about the theft of it, you are lost and do not know what to do, the complaint is obviously the first thing to do. However, to put the odds in your favor, you can force fate to find her faster, with a GPS tracker.

Installation of a GPS tracker

Opting for the installation of a GPS tracker in your car will not prevent it from being stolen, but could allow you to find it much more easily. Indeed, take those from Yonis Shop, they are discreet and easy to install.

Once set up, you will be notified when your car exceeds a certain perimeter, which could already alert you if you are not responsible for this move. These are trackers that allow real-time monitoring, so from the moment you notice the theft, you can take action and indicate the position of your car to the police.

Namely that there are different models, with different options, it is up to you to define your need and make your choice. But the GPS tracker remains the most relevant solution to easily and quickly find a stolen vehicle.

Go directly to the police or the gendarmerie

Undoubtedly, the most reasoned solution is obviously to go quickly to a police station to inform of the theft of your vehicle. You will therefore have to go and file a complaint for the vehicle and the papers if they were inside.

This will allow the police to register your car in a file dedicated to theft, as well as in the vehicle registration system. It is also the occasion if it is the case to indicate to the police service that your car has a GPS tracker, which will facilitate the research. The police will be able to verify that your vehicle has not been removed by the impound in the event of a parking violation, for example.

After going to file a complaint, it is also at this time that you must notify your insurance, which will release your civil liability, in the event of an accident caused by the thief. And in the event that you have purchased theft insurance, you will be compensated for all damage related to the theft, according to the terms of your contract.

Advertise on social networks

Apple i-Phone door open on the social networking apps tab

The last solution, which seems very current, is to go through social networks. Indeed, it can be an idea to quickly find your car, your network, your friends will be informed and will be able to warn you if they see your car.

It will therefore be necessary to produce a publication with all the necessary information, license plate number, photo of the vehicle, detail such as a scratch or other that can distinguish it more easily. Publish on your profile, but also on the different groups that you know, and especially encourage the sharing of this publication, so that it is seen as many times as possible.

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