How to Force your Mailbox?

It can happen that you lose the keys to your mailbox. Such a situation can constitute a real headache in the event of important and urgent mail to be recovered. Fortunately, there are various solutions to open a mailbox with varying degrees of ease. Discover below 4 tips to force your mailbox.

Hook letterbox lock

One of the first ways to open a mailbox without a key is to pick the lock. Such an operation requires the use of a paper clip having a flat blade as well as flat hair clips. The paper clip and one of the pliers must be bent in order to obtain a hook. Another clamp must be crushed in order to serve as a “trainer”. A third must be extended in order to free the mechanisms of the key.

Once these steps are done, it comes down to inserting the hook of the bent pliers at the base of the lock cylinder. You must then insert the crushed pliers and serving as a trainer in the fortune of the lock. Then you have to start turning it until you feel the most complex play, then insert the third extended clamp. The box should open after a few movements.

Use a PTT pass

Another way to force your mailbox is to use a PTT pass. These are the keys used by postmen to open mailboxes in order to insert letters. It is now possible for individuals to obtain them.

The PTT pass comes in several models (21 in total), but the most common are the T10 and F10. They can be purchased over the Internet and are delivered for free. However, care must be taken to ensure that they are not left in the letterbox.

Call a locksmith

Locksmiths are experts in locksmithing. To appeal to them thus appears to be one of the best things to do for forcing your mailbox. However, this is a suitable solution for non-emergency situations.

It is necessary to ensure the competence of a locksmith before using his services, especially if one uses the Internet. Once found, the locksmith offers various opening techniques that he submits to the client who chooses one according to his budget.

Use a drill to open the mailbox

A final way to open a mailbox is to use a drill. The blade of the latter must however be adapted to the size of the letterbox lock. Otherwise, the whole box could be damaged.

This method thus appears to be a quick solution (it only lasts a few minutes), but proves to be expensive. Drills cost a small fortune on the one hand, and on the other hand, a new lock has to be purchased. Also, using a drill requires certain equipment such as gloves and eye protection.

There are, in short, several solutions or techniques for opening a letterbox without a key. It’s up to you to choose one according to the urgency of the situation and your budget.

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