how to generate money with it?

If cooking is your passion, bringing it to life through a culinary blog has many benefits that you can take advantage of. You turn your culinary creations into income, with a pinch of notoriety in your community.

To do this, your blog must be known, and have new content regularly. Original recipes and new ideas accompanied by beautiful photos will do the trick. If you are looking for a good example of a culinary site, consider

If you plan to attract the greatest number of people, here are the steps to follow, so that your cooking blog is a hit with Internet users.

1- Share your own culinary style

In order to stand out among the many blogs on the internet, highlight your uniqueness. It is advantageous to offer your own specialties with your personal touch.

Sharing your own culinary style allows you to differentiate yourself from others, originality is a real mark of success on the internet. So, be on the lookout for scarcity such as regional dishes, vegan cuisine, and especially creative cuisine.

2 – Choose an original name for the blog

Stay original to define your kitchen in a few words. Be creative, so that the name of your blog reflects your culinary style. It is a way to emerge among the thousands of blogs on the web. Choose a catchy word, to accompany each specialty.

3 – Use a web hosting service

The Internet offers different tools for creating your blog. There are even free web sources to put it online such as Blogger. The best option remains the services of a host, which offers a package with the domain name.

4 – Manage your blog with WordPress

Use WordPress to manage the content of your blog. This software has themes relating to the kitchen, to create a blog. A “responsive” theme is recommended, because it is compatible with tablets and smartphones. To better personalize your blog, opt for paid themes.

5 – Use plugins to optimize your blog

With a plugin, you have an extension that doesn’t need coding, and that offers other features to your blog. By installing basic plugins such as Akismet, you filter comment spam. Social Warfare facilitates sharing on social networks, and Relevanssi for researching your blog. EasyRecipe simplifies entering and printing your recipes.

6 – Configure a mailing list

A mailing list will help you grow your blog activity. As the articles published increase, the mailing list allows you to inform your community of all your new recipes and promotional offers. This is an effective method for offering as much free content as possible, and directing your contacts to paid products.

7 – Offer recipes regularly

In the beginning, post about 20 recipes on your blog. Then continue to post regularly, while setting a post goal per week.

Bring a touch of originality to your blog with pretty photos, and offer tips and tricks, little stories about your recipes.

8 – Launch the distribution of the blog

As soon as your blog is operational, set up a digital launch method. To do this, use Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, especially YouTube.

Also consider cooperating with other bloggers who have complementary activities to yours.

9 – Generate money with your blog

Once your blog gains notoriety, you need to monetize it. Start putting ads on your blog using Google AdSense, and get into an affiliate program with a merchant site. Don’t delay in offering recipe books in Ebook format.

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