How To Get a Cheap Electric Bike?

A means of locomotion, increasingly sought after by citizens, the electric bicycle makes it possible to move around effortlessly. However, getting it is an investment. On average, the purchase price starts at 1,000 euros. There are solutions to acquire cheaper equipment through state aid or promotions. How to get a cheap electric bike?

Take advantage of current promotions

The purchase price of an electric bicycle can go up very quickly depending on the model and characteristics of the latter. To reduce this cost, it is possible to benefit from regular promotions set up by the brands. The discounts can be made online as on this specialized site or directly in store.

On certain equipment, it is possible to benefit from a reduction of up to more than 300 euros. This is a significant solution that allows you to acquire an electrically assisted bicycle (VAE) at a lower cost. In addition, it is an offer that can be added to additional aid in order to reduce the price of the bicycle.

Take advantage of state aid

The government provides users with 2 subsidies, which can make it possible to achieve great savings, but above all to be able to buy an electric bicycle, despite a limited budget.

National aid

The national subsidy is granted to any natural person of full age. The latter must prove a domicile in France as well as a tax income less than or equal to 13,489 euros. The amount of this aid is intended for the purchase of new equipment which does not have a lead-acid battery. The bonus can only be used once.

Aid by communities

Currently, many cities and regions in France offer financial assistance to buy an electric bicycle. To find out the amount of this subsidy, it is necessary to check with your town hall. Each municipality follows the European directive put in place on March 18, 2002. Depending on the locality, the amount of this aid may vary. For example in Paris, it is set at 33% of the purchase price against 25% in Nantes.

What price for a good electric bike?

Spilled glass with money, coins and banknotes

The cost of a VAE varies according to various criteria. These include, among others:

  • Engine power,
  • The battery capacity,
  • From the material of manufacture,
  • From the model
  • From the place of manufacture.

On average, the price of a good electric bike starts from 1,000 euros. Costs can climb to over 6,000 euros for exceptional equipment. The price range is therefore extremely wide. Electrically assisted bicycles are available online, but also in all major cities in France. Before proceeding with the purchase, it is important to compare the models available in the market.

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