How to get a firmer body with weight training?

Do you find your body too soft and hate the few pounds of fat you have? Strength training can help you achieve a more muscular and firm body. To achieve this, follow the 5 rules below.

Create a real bodybuilding program

Strength training is not an entertainment where you lift weights without logic. Any practitioner wishing to progress and have a muscular body must create a training program.

If you are registered in a Montpellier gym, ask the gym coaches for advice. If you are training on your own, check the web for program recommendations, but check the source for reliability before adopting one.

Your strength training program should include the training days, the duration, the exercises to be done, and the number of repetitions for each set.

Aim for regularity

To get a firmer body, you need to work out often. Working out once a week is not enough to get a firm body. You should try to exercise at least twice a week. Ideally, go there 4 or 5 times.

Keeping two days off is necessary. During this period, the muscles heal from bodybuilding trauma and this is when the muscles swell.

Train vigorously

When you do weight training, you should always try to give everything you have during the exercises.

Don’t spend your time chatting with a friend or constantly changing machines to get more than you need.

At the start, you can bring a stopwatch and time your rest. Depending on the type of session, the rest times vary. You get more rest from a power training session with short repetitions than from an endurance-improving session with long sets.

Do not go back to the room. See your training as the best way to free yourself on a daily basis. Sport is an ally of well-being. If the weight training session becomes your happiness of the day, there is no doubt that you will end up progressing quickly and this will result in a firmer bodybuilding.

Promote muscle recovery

Bodybuilding recovery is too often underestimated by beginner bodybuilders. However, it is vital for the constitution of your muscles and the renewed energy allowing to be effective during the next session.

As said before, you should have at least one to two days of rest during your week. These rests must be real rests. Don’t rock climb or crossfit when your body is supposed to be recovering.

Eat well while limiting bad fat

Nutrition is a major part of bodybuilding. Always make sure you eat well. You shouldn’t be hungry when you actively exercise.

The important thing is to limit bad fats. There are many bad fats and you find them in fatty dishes (raclette, beef prepared with a lot of butter), snacks (hot dog, burger, aperitif cakes …), all sweet desserts, sauces such as mayonnaise or sodas. The list is not exhaustive.

In addition to the absence of these excesses, you must provide the energy that your muscles need. It can be found with protein. A bodybuilder therefore consumes a lot of chicken white or egg white.

As with the training program, do not hesitate to ask a coach at your gym for a sample menu that is conducive to your goal of achieving a firmer body.

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