How to get a job when you are qualified in Quebec?

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Finding a job in Quebec can be difficult, even if you are qualified. However, there are solutions to find a job in this city of a thousand surprises. Employment agencies are good allies, but there are some important points to remember to find a job quickly and deserved.

Resources to find a job

Finding a job is not always easy, but there are many ways to find the right job for your skills. Between going through an employment agency and online job sites, there are many possibilities.

Go through an employment agency to find a job

Placement agencies have the advantage of having their own network. They have a platform adapted to the job search and do not hesitate to work with social networks. The placement agencies will do all the necessary research for you. It will even send your application to the appropriate company, corresponding to your skills and your projects.

Online employment offers

Doing research online is quick, easy and convenient. There are many sites listing the available offers, all you have to do is apply to the ads that interest you. Every day there are new offers, so don’t hesitate to look every day.

Think about the hidden market

In Quebec, the majority of vacancies are found on the hidden market, which means that most companies post job offers directly on their website. So find the companies, the fields that interest you, go to their site and do not hesitate to apply. There are a huge number of companies in Quebec, so there is the necessary choice.

Important points when looking for a job in Quebec

To develop your chances of finding a job, you need to put all the chances you have, so here are some key points for finding a job in Quebec.

Being able to sell yourself

It is not enough to say to an employer, all your capacities, it is necessary that you demonstrate to the potential employer, that your competences could be beneficial to him. This ability allows you to be convincing during an interview, you know what you are looking for and what you can bring to the company in question.

Knowing how to adapt to what is offered

In Quebec, the interviews are rather informal, it is a discussion that takes place as you go. It is important to be able to learn, find information on your own. The more you are informed, the more you will be able to adapt during the interview.

Do not give up in case of refusal

After a refusal, you must not give up, you must persevere, you must ask yourself why you did not have this job and use it for the next interviews. If you are having trouble finding a job in a field that is important to you, do not hesitate to research a similar field. It’s a chance to develop your skills and show that you are motivated to find a job.

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