How To Get An Auto Credit Quickly?

To quickly materialize their vehicle purchase project, many people are turning to auto loans. Indeed, this type of loan constitutes a real help to finance the acquisition of a new or used car. However, obtaining it is not always easy. However, there are some alternatives to afford it in record time. Here are some tips to get a car loan quickly!

Do a simulation and subscribe online

To obtain a car loan, several options are available to you. Among these is online loan simulation. This option allows you to have a rough idea about the loan terms and the repayment term. Thus, you can already carry out your loan simulation with the MAAF. This financial and insurance institution provides you with its simulator to allow you to estimate the various clauses of this transaction.

The auto credit simulation at MAAF Assurance SA is completely free and does not subject you to any commitment whatsoever. It should be noted that the operation on the site of this institution is quick and simple. To do this, you must:

  • Notify your loan amount
  • Choose the duration of the loan
  • Choose between a loan with or without insurance.

However, to obtain an auto loan, MAAF offers you two options: either you get the loan with insurance or you do it without guarantee. This borrower insurance allows you to relieve your family in relation to the payments of your monthly payments in the event of self-management failure or death. Also, note that the entire subscription process is done online.

What are the conditions to obtain a car loan quickly?

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Like any other type of loan, to be eligible for vehicle credit, you must meet certain criteria. Thus, to obtain a loan, whatever the form, it is advisable to be an emancipated adult. Apart from that, you must be exempt from heavy charges, therefore your name must not appear in the national FICP file. This actually proves your good faith with respect to your commitments.

On the other hand, if you have already benefited from loans, you must make sure that the debt ratio on all of your loans does not exceed 33%. If you respect these conditions, the car loan will be granted to you without ambiguity. Financial institutions defend compliance with these formalities in order to ensure your repayment capacity.

What documentation will be needed to obtain a loan?

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Certain parts are necessary to obtain a car loan. To quickly obtain this type of loan, you must have a valid identity document. This can be an identity card, passport or business card. In addition to that, you must present a domiciliation document that is less than six months old (water bill, residence certificate, rent receipt or EDF bill). It is also recommended to add the following parts:

  • Your RIB
  • Vehicle quote or purchase order (signed by the seller and you)
  • Your last payslip if you are an employee
  • Proof of address

If you want to build an auto credit application file, here are the documents that you must necessarily provide. However, remember that a loan is a commitment that must be repaid no matter what.

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