How to get from Geneva airport to the city center?

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Switzerland’s second largest airport in terms of surface area and passenger traffic, Geneva International Airport is located 4 km from the city center. Hence the need to find the appropriate means of transport to get to the city center, once you arrive at the airport. So, whether you are going to Geneva for business or simply for tourism, in this article you will find all the transport solutions to easily leave the airport.

Use public transport: it’s free!

To leave Geneva airport to go to the city center, you can opt for public transport: the train or the bus. Note that in the baggage claim area you can pick up a free Unireso transport ticket from an ATM. This is an 80-minute ticket, which allows you to use all public transport (bus, train, tram and boat) in the city of Geneva free of charge.

The train is the fastest solution

Of all the solutions, using the train is the fastest to get to the city center. As you leave the arrival area, on the left, you will find the airport CCF station. It is accessible in 5 minutes on foot. On average, 5 trains per hour (at peak times) provide a link between the airport station and the Genève-Cornavin station (located in the city center), in less than 7 minutes.

You can also opt for the bus

Several bus lines provide a link between Geneva airport, the city center and other peripheral towns such as Vernier, Meyrin, Ferney-Voltaire and Thoiry. These are bus lines 5, 10, 28, 57 and Y. Bus lines 5 and 10 are the ones that take you to the city center in about 20 minutes.

Use the services of a private transport company

If you are on a business trip or have too much luggage to take public transport, you can book a private vehicle with driver. This means of transport is for you if you like ease of support, without constraint.

You can book a VIP vehicle with private driver

You have the possibility to use the parking + transport services of one of the many luxury private transport companies in Geneva such as Crystal Services Geneva to leave the airport and go to the city center. For this, it is recommended that you book (well before your departure), you can also keep the contact and the reservation for the entire duration of your trip with a driver at your disposal.

Thus, the vehicle will be waiting for you in the parking lot as soon as your plane lands at the airport. Note that the number of bags accepted, the type of services provided, the availability of the vehicle, etc., vary according to the package to which you have subscribed (classic, premium, etc.).

If you haven’t booked before your arrival at the airport, you can still order a taxi on the fly, or find one in one of the multiple parking lots at the airport and train station, but that’s another standing.

You can rent a personal vehicle, for more freedom and mobility

Finally, if you are familiar with the city of Geneva, you have the option of renting a personal vehicle, which you can drive at your leisure. For example, the services of car sharing (auto sharing) like mobility and catch a car will allow you to rent a vehicle to go to downtown Geneva or to leave.

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