How to get the Colissimo number?

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According to studies carried out in 2019, online commerce saw an increase in transactions of 15.7%. With the health crisis, the trend is not about to disappear. La Poste benefited from a 10% increase on deliveries by Colissimo. However, with this type of service, you do not escape certain inconveniences, even if they are not frequent. Customer service intervenes at this stage, but it is still necessary to obtain the Colissimo number or find another way to contact it.

Why get the Colissimo number?

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about some pretty significant changes in our lives. Consumption patterns change as well as human relationships. Online commerce becomes the best solution for safe shopping.

Brands are rushing to improve their online presence. They do not hesitate to launch interesting offers. There is no shortage of little tips and opportunities to pay less, and this article will help you find the best deals today. Indeed, these new consumer behaviors have also led to significant changes in the organization of deliveries to specialized companies. The parcel transport services are thus managing an increasingly important flow of Colissimo, due to this situation.

At La Poste, customer support, through the Colissimo number, is recording an increase in requests for information, complaints and other questions. Indeed, according to the decree made public on March 23, delivery conditions are in upheaval. The authorities aim above all to reduce the risk of transmission to deliverers and especially to customers. With such upheavals, at a stage of the process a concern can arise hence the interest to learn about this number.

The Colissimo number to reach customer service

If you have decided to give in to this trend of online shopping, which has become essential to avoid contamination, specialized companies are setting up customer service. Its role is to bring you answers in case of problem. Indeed, certain factors cause delays or loss of packages. If your address contains an error, for example, only the delivery person is able to determine if this is the case. Your order may have suffered damage during transport, you will not hesitate to call the Colissimo number to make a complaint.

This La Poste service has customer support that is done online. In addition to the phone number, you have the option of filling out a contact form by email or sending an email. On the other hand, the answer may be slow in coming for the latter. Email or phone are still the best ways if you want a return within a relatively short period of time.

A practical alternative to find the Colissimo number

However, in an absolute emergency, going to find a Colissimo number will take too long. Specialized services, such as the universal information number, offer an alternative to both practical and fast. These platforms make it easier to obtain useful information such as a free phone number, an email or postal address. Operators are available to give you the contact details you need. Yes you are in a hurry, your contact will put you in direct contact with customer service, provided that it is open and available.

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