How to get to the center of Geneva from the airport?

Have you just landed in Switzerland via Geneva airport and want to go to the center of the city? 4 transport solutions are available to you.

Depending on your needs, preferences and budget, you can book a private car, take the bus, reach the city center by train, or take a shuttle bus that will drop you directly at your hotel. We explain how to get to the center of Geneva from the airport without hassle.

Book a private car

One of the best ways to ensure your transportation from the airport to central Geneva is through the use of a private car reservation service.

You can easily book a chauffeur with limousine in advance for your transfer from the airport to your destination in downtown Geneva.

Depending on the service chosen, you can benefit from a prestigious, comfortable and secure transport service. A private car will also save you and especially the waits at the airport since your driver will be ready to wait for you well before your arrival.

Buses from the airport to the center

You can also choose to go to the center of Geneva by taking a bus. Geneva public transport (TPG) bus lines are accessible from the airport and provide a link with the center of Geneva.

These TPG urban buses serve Geneva at a frequency of 8 to 15 minutes during rush hour for urban lines and 20 to 30 minutes during rush hour for regional lines.

An advantage with this solution is that it is free. Since travelers arriving in Geneva from the airport benefit from a free Unireso ticket valid for all public transport in Geneva for 80 minutes.

The train to save time

interior of a train with a view of the countryside

Failing to take the bus, you can opt for the fast train, to save time. All you need to do is go to Genève-Aéroport station which serves central Geneva. It is accessible directly from the “Geneva Airport Check-in and Arrival” levels.

The journey from the airport to the central station takes just 7 minutes, making the train the fastest way to get to the city center.

Shuttles to get to your hotel

Finally, you can book a shuttle that will drop you directly at your hotel in central Geneva. Shuttles are free for users of certain Swiss and French hotels that are partners of Geneva Airport. If yours is not one of them, you can always book a shuttle with a shuttle service to ensure your transfer to your hotel.

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