How to give a successful New York look to your living room?

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You dream of the American dream, want to cross streets filled with buildings, like in New York, but you want to do it from your living room! Adopt a New York-style decor to travel from home.

Floor-to-ceiling New York style

The New York style is a sober, urban, modern look, a bit of a loft style, to succeed in its entirety, you need decorative touches, but it also involves the paint and the type of floor.

What comes up often is the wallpaper, depicting ashy bricks, like the buildings that we often see in Brooklyn. If you are not a fan of wallpaper, you choose to make a complete wall with real red bricks, which are easily found in France as well.

For the floor, a beautiful dark wood parquet, or a polished concrete floor, which is very fashionable at the moment. Think of the heated floor for this type of floor, or do not hesitate to put a carpet, to avoid being cold.

Decorative touches reminiscent of New York

The most important are the decorative touches that you will put in your room, it is these that will immerse you directly in the heart of this city, with a thousand surprises.

The essential for a perfect decoration is to find on this shop a painting of New York to decorate your living room, more or less large it will perfectly dress one of your walls and will immerse you in this extraordinary city.

Statute of Liberty in New York

You can add other touches, with candles, small lamps, cushions representing New York. Favor the loft style is industrial, which is very representative of this city universe.

Consider adding a few elements of yellow color, which will make you think of taxis, well known in this city, you can do it through a lamp, a table or an armchair. To this, add a shelf, representing the scales on the exterior of the buildings.

Typical furniture

Adopting a New York style in your living room means choosing to furnish with an industrial style, opting for steel, old wood, but do not hesitate to add a few touches of color with the sofa for example, which will give a comfortable and cozy touch.

Choose an all-steel coffee table, or simply with steel legs and a wooden top. Decorated with a few green plants, candles, books dealing with New York, can perfectly complement a New York style decor.

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