How to give your garden a more Zen aspect?

Do you own a garden and want all the moments you spend there to be moments of rest and relaxation?

Be aware that this is not a particularly complicated task. You just need to know exactly what to integrate and above all what arrangements to take for this purpose. Garden swings in a quiet corner perhaps? A cozy garden furniture to receive your friends?

We have listed for you the main elements you will need to make your garden as Zen as possible.

Add a garden swing for a relaxing side

Hanging wooden garden swing

The garden swing is the must-have when it comes to garden furniture. Indeed, it is an element that has the luxury of being both practical and very decorative. In addition, its pendulum movement from which it takes its name will allow you to escape for a short time by reading a book for example.

There are several models of swings, whether in wood or metal. Pick the ones that most closely resemble the style you’ve decided to adopt. For all these garden swings, you should opt for quiet enough and covered corners to avoid being attacked by the summer sun.

Garden furniture to welcome

Why not a nice garden furniture for tea or to welcome your friends? This space will also allow you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the house when you want a little privacy. You can also have your family meals there while contemplating your beautiful landscape.

You can opt for simple wooden models. These are also fairly common models. However, the rattan or woven resin models are very popular models for a fairly modern and tropical decoration. Just choose the right location and enjoy!

A play area to make your children feel good

Wooden swing, in a mountain view garden

If you have a garden, you have a very suitable place to play for your children. This will allow them to make the most of outdoor life and the sun. There is a wide range of games you could incorporate for your children, ranging from the classic swing to a well-sized pool for your toddlers.

Still, children’s games can quickly become cumbersome. Therefore, prefer play stations that will allow you to have several games in a single set. Sandboxes should be protected against cats who like to relieve themselves in them and well barricaded swimming pools to avoid accidents.

A vegetable garden, to cultivate yourself

Having a vegetable garden allows you to be in control of what you eat. Studies have shown that from harvest to consumption, fruits and vegetables lose their nutritional consistency. You can then pick your vegetables and directly consume them.

For your vegetable garden, choose a South / South-West orientation to benefit from the sun all year round. In addition, place it away from the wind and large trees that will provide shade. Since this is a vegetable garden for your personal consumption, it would be beneficial for you if it was close to the house / kitchen. So you can easily get supplies.

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