How to Grow Hair with Essential Oils?

Taking care of physical appearance remains a priority for all age groups. Whether it’s skin or hair maintenance, no detail is overlooked. All kinds of cosmetic products are therefore available on the market for unparalleled beauty. This is the case, for example, with essential oils for the maintenance of your hair. These oils have different characteristics that ensure fast growth and dreamy texture to your hair.

Which essential oil to stimulate hair growth?

There are a variety of essential oils with various virtues and actions for the scalp. The best is the one that is suitable for your hair type. It is therefore essential to know your hair to choose the oil that suits them best. Here are the essential oils that you can choose for this purpose.

The grapefruit oils, ginger, ylang ylang, true lavender, clary sage, rosemary cineole and tropical basil help your hair grow. They participate in hair growth by strengthening them and slowing down their fall. In addition, they bring shine to dull hair.

Oils wood cedar, cade, peppermint, lemon, laurel, are very important for the well-being and growth of your hair. They cleanse your scalp, fight against dandruff and itching.

Choosing the best essential oil comes down to choosing the one that perfectly meets the characteristics of your hair. So, if you have oily hair, for example, you should prioritize lemon oils, rosemary cineole, or even clary sage. People with dry hair can choose true lavender oils.

For dull hair, the most suitable is ylang ylang oil. However, cade oils, rosemary cineole can also solve the problem. As for brittle hair, you can use ginger, grapefruit, bay leaf oils.

Remember that the list is not exhaustive and that the choice of essential oils that are suitable for your hair depends on the desired result.

How to use these essential oils?

There are different ways of using essential oils to promote hair growth.

The first step in massage is to do dilute essential oil of your choice in another oily material usually used such as olive oil. Then thoroughly massage your hair with the resulting mixture for a while before washing it with shampoo.

For the shampoo method, it is recommended to use a neutral shampoo. Add a few drops of your essential oil to the latter and use it to wash your hair. The optimum amount of oil to use varies between 10 and 20 drops per centiliter of shampoo.

As for the local application, mix your essential oil and your vegetable oil. Then, apply the resulting mixture gently and slowly and leave it to act overnight. Remember to protect your head with a towel. When you wake up, wash your hair properly.

How to grow hair, homemade recipe?

Here are some homemade recipes to help your hair grow.

Apply an egg mask on your scalp. A fairly easy recipe to make, the egg mask nourishes your hair and boosts its growth. To make it: mix in a bowl a tablespoon of honey, two tablespoons of castor oil and an egg yolk.

You can use another homemade recipe that uses onion juice as a base. Extract the juice from half an onion pulp. Then apply the resulting liquid to your scalp and massage properly. Leave on overnight and wash your hair as soon as you wake up.

Mustard is also an ideal hair growth agent. In a bowl, combine an egg yolk, three tablespoons of water and olive oil. Then add two teaspoons of mustard oil in the absence of the mustard itself.

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