How To Have a Happy Child with Simple Toys?

Toys play an essential role in the development of our children. In general, relatively simple toys are better than you might think to give them all the joy and happiness they need.

So, without having to worry too much, you can simply offer him toys that have made you happy. But also, opt for non-electronic or wooden toys made by you or unearthed in the trade.

Discover our advice to ensure the development of your child with simple toys.

Give him toys that made you happy you

Your child’s growth may be hidden behind the toys that made you happy when you were younger. If they marked your childhood and appealed to you, it is quite likely that the experience will be the same with your child.

We think in particular of timeless toys such as the classic car garage that you will certainly have been a fan. Although it has greatly evolved over time under the leadership of brands, it remains a timeless classic that seduces and is all the rage with children.

For the little ones, wooden toys

For the pleasure and development of your youngest children, choose wooden toys that meet the desired need for simplicity. Manufacturers now offer a very large collection of toys of all kinds, made of wood and for all age groups.

Not to mention that with the DIY trend, you now have the opportunity to design yourself and at home small wooden toys that will make your child happy. Beyond the playful value that they can have, the advantage of favoring wooden toys lies in the strengths of the material.

Besides being natural and more environmentally friendly, wooden toys also have superior impact resistance and are easily recyclable. This is not the case with plastic or PVC toys, which are also recommended to be avoided for young children because of the chemicals and toxic substances that their material may contain.

Toys that are not electronic

In order for your child to be happy with simple and healthy toys for him, we recommend that you avoid giving him toys with electronic components. The explanation is mainly due to their relative fragility and the risks they may have on your child’s health.

Indeed, toys containing electronics are generally the least robust against shocks. With the hectic daily life of children, the manipulations and abuse they can undergo, the internal components will easily be damaged. Defective and broken toys will quickly become sources of hazardous waste, just like the batteries that power them.

Play with him to make him happy

The development of your child also depends on the support and the playful moments that he can share with you, his parents.

For babies, playing and having fun alone can be stimulating in itself. But note that his games and toys can be a lot nicer when mom and / or dad are willing to get on with it. Also, rather than letting him have fun on his own, take the time and cultivate the habit of sharing moments of play with your child.

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