How to have a sales team without hiring

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Today, when we sell products or services, we have to talk about it and the way to do it in the field is to call on salespeople. However, your sales team may be small or non-existent, so to be as effective as possible you can call on a supplemental sales force.

When to start using an external sales force?

It is necessary to think of supplementing or hiring an external sales force team from the moment when it is necessary to set up commercial actions in place and that it is necessary to have significant means.

  • Conquering the market is very useful for finding prospects and gaining market share.
  • Win back customers you have lost and retain new customers
  • For the launch of a new product, with a dedicated and efficient team in the promotion, as well as to make commercial animations
  • Ideal in peaks of seasonality, during strong seasons, the lack of employees can affect your sales

Call on a team of additional sales force

The advantage of calling on a supplementary sales force and adding a dedicated sales team to its workforce, which will be operational and experienced. Their goal is to take a full part in the company, it is responsible for defending the interests of its client and market the offer that has been requested. It is possible to call on a supplementary sales force, in the medium or long term.

In the long or medium term

For one-off promotional services, but also for specific interventions, you can call on a supplementary sales force. But it is also possible for you to integrate a supplementary sales force in your team while remaining with an external sales team. This is ideal when you want to conquer a new market segment, but also to retain a customer portfolio that you will already have available.

Advantage of a supplementary sales force

When deciding to call on a back-up sales force, this has many advantages for the company. The main thing is to take a minimum of risk, but it is not the only one, here are the other advantages.

  • An external team will intervene quickly and put actions in place as quickly as possible
  • By having an external team you will be able to cover a larger and wider ground
  • Failure to hire makes this action profitable and faster ROI
  • An efficient sales team, these are professional and trained profiles

However, we must not forget that by calling on an external team, there is less control over the words emitted during promotions. This means that you have no vision of the image displayed, the customer relationship, but also of commercial leaks.

You will therefore need to properly prepare this auxiliary sales force team, tell them what is possible to say and what not. Inform them of important points, which should be brought forward and which should be kept confidential. So when all this is clear, the partnership will work out as it should and your strategy will pay off.

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