How To Have Children When It’s Biologically Impossible?

Having children is one of the plans for many people, whether they are couples or not. However, infertility and sterility problems are a sad reality that affects an average of one in six couples, but it is also a desire among same-sex couples. So, when biological procreation becomes impossible, a few alternatives are possible.

Find a surrogate mother abroad

Pregnant woman in gynecological appointment

Having recourse to a surrogate mother is one of the solutions available to you when you have exhausted all the remedies available to you. Also called surrogacy (Surrogacy), this option is widely used by women born with Rokitansky-Kuster pathology, that is to say those who do not have a uterus, but also for couples with sterility problems or even same-sex couples, for example.

It is also intended for women who have undergone ablation or trauma of the reproductive organs during surgery or hemorrhagic delivery. As this practice is highly controversial because of moral, ethical and psychological values, several countries have endorsed its ban.

This is the case in France, since the entry into force of the 2010 bioethics law and of article 16-7 of the civil code. For countries that allow the process, the price of a surrogate mother is a minimum of 50,000 euros and can easily exceed 200,000 euros.

One of the advantages of procreating surrogacy is that the child possesses the genetic properties of its parents and not just those of the surrogate mother.

Adopt, to make a child happy

After many attempts to procreate, it may happen that the alternatives to have a biological child are all exhausted. Adoption then appears to be a very viable solution to fulfill the desire to start a family. In short, it is a long legal process allowing a child to be integrated into a happy and balanced home or family environment.

Of course, his presence alleviates the pain or the frustration of parents and gives them a smile, while making a child happy. Moreover, according to professionals in the field, adopting a child and taking care of it is a good way to mourn your dreams of natural or medically assisted motherhood.

Trying in vitro fertilization

Woman announcing her pregnancy to her spouse, they are happy

Medically assisted procreation has seen many advances since the very first trials. One of its most modern and less painful forms for the couple is in vitro fertilization which is a remedy after the cessation of artificial insemination attempts. It is a meticulous method which involves fertilizing an oocyte with a sperm in the laboratory. The embryo is born and therefore develops in vitro, until it is viable, then it is implanted in the uterus of the mother-to-be. IVF is recommended for women:

  • In early menopause
  • In idiopathic infertility
  • Having tubal problems
  • Whose body is unable to secrete oocytes

For men, IVF is recommended when the spermogram is faulty or in cases of azoospermia. This solution is a long-term job for couples, both physically and morally, but which fills them with happiness when IVF has worked.

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