How To Have Your Business As Self-Employed In The United States?

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The United States is an opportunity for many people to go independent and start their own business. Administrative flexibility, the diversity of business opportunities, the spirit of creation and conquest are all qualities specific to the United States that motivate entrepreneurs to venture there and invest in companies.

In addition, the large area and cultural diversity offer great development prospects for companies. Despite everything, launching a business there requires great and deep preparation.

Have a permit to work

To set up a business in the United States as a self-employed person, you must have a visa for work and reside in the usa. Some visas allow you to work in a specific field, such as the “O” visa for exceptional talent or the “I” visa for journalists.

But there is no specific visa for the self-employed. However, foreigners can apply for E-1, E-2, L-1 or H-1B visas. For freelancers, they can apply for J-1, E-1 or E-2 visas. They can therefore request a Work Authorization from US services. The procedure can last a few months (on average 3 months).

Apply for a Business License from the city

Have a legal authorization is absolutely essential before starting a business. The Business License must be requested from the city in which you plan to settle. Sole Proprietorship is the ideal status to have if you are self-employed and want to have your business. The papers required to obtain this status differ depending on the state. But it is generally easy to obtain and the cost is very low.

Be in good fiscal standing

If you want to open your business in the United States, you plan to reside there for at least a few years. As soon as you reside there for at least six months a year, you become U.S. tax resident. You must therefore declare yourself to the French tax center and complete a tax declaration to be in order with the American tax authorities. It is possible to file taxes with an SSN or request an EIN from the IRS.

Be transparent about what we have in France

Transparency in the management of your property in France is very important in order toavoid having penalties to be able to work on his own in the USA. You must declare all of your bank accounts, your assets and your life insurance obtained throughout the year.

Be prepared (administratively) for accommodation

To find good accommodation in the United States, you need have the required administrative papers, namely a tax declaration, or a copy of bank statement and have the amount necessary for a deposit or months of rent in advance. These are conditions to be fulfilled for a rental. Another possibility is to have someone vouch.

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