How to help a loved one who is depressed?

How to help a loved one who is depressed? This is the question many people ask themselves when they learn that someone they know has depression. In this article, we give you tips to help your neighbor and accompany you throughout their return to health.

Listen and understand

To help your loved one, you have to listen to them and try to understand what they are going through. It is important to have questions to ask him about certain feelings he feels or his way of seeing things in order to highlight the depression.

However, you should not try to make him talk when he does not want to. If he doesn’t consult with anyone, recommend that he read psychology forums to better understand what it is, and then see a practitioner who can support him.

Be patient

Helping your loved one also means being patient while the depression gradually subsides. Often times, people with depression feel guilty about spending time with family or friends.

On these days it is important to be patient and not to judge this decision which may be related to a strong emotion at the time she decided it.

If your friend is in an aggressive phase or is having difficulty accepting the advice, you may need to ask if you can call them back later and if they want to see you.

Trying to change negative thoughts for positive ones

It is important to remind him that it is not his fault, that he needs to be accompanied and supported. Understand the words your loved one uses to describe their condition. These can be words that challenge the image he has of himself, such as “null” or “useless”.

This can be indicative of a loss of self-esteem. It is important to remind him that he is worthy and respectable.

Play sports with her / him

To help your loved one, you should also encourage them to play sports. If you don’t know what hobbies he enjoys or what he likes best, search the internet for places where you can go together.

The benefits of sport on the mind are numerous. It can help develop better self-esteem, avoid boredom and feelings of despondency, but most of all allow you to rebuild yourself physically after a difficult period.

Give him some space

It’s important to accept that your loved one needs to make their own choices. You can’t force him to make decisions that will contradict his primary urge or imply that he has no other choice.

You must therefore let him decide and take the first steps towards his recovery. Plus, you don’t have to overwhelm him with phone calls or sudden visits, even if you worry about him.

Let him take the first steps and be there when he needs it.

Do not judge your loved one, nor judge yourself

It is important not to judge your loved one, let alone yourself. Your friend is surely in a difficult period, he needs that we stay by his side without judging him or our personal appreciation.

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