How to hide valuables in your house?

Valuables often attract the attention of thieves and burglars in your home. It is therefore important to know how to hide them so that they appear completely unnoticed.

However, it is sometimes difficult to find hiding places unsuspected by burglars. Cleverly hiding your valuables will help you keep them safe.

Keep valuables in unsuspected places

There are several ways to hide your valuables in places around your home.

The bedroom mirror

You can keep some of your valuables in your bedroom mirror. You can take it apart and hide money and jewelry behind it. The mirror can thus be much more than just a piece of furniture.

The lights

It is an unsuspected hiding place. Open the individual lights and keep money and jewelry in them, then close them. You can also keep your gold investments there if they are small pieces like the Louis d’or.


Some books have a secret hiding place on the cover. It is indeed a kind of chest where you can place valuables. Get this kind of book and put it in the library.

Maintenance products and preserves

These are containers that can be used when empty. Their shape allows you to keep several valuables inside. You can also use empty paint cans. Then store them in the cupboard with the other products so that they go unnoticed.

Household appliances

There is usually a removable grill at the front of dishwashers and refrigerators. There is a large space below and it can be used as a storage place. Make the most of this space by keeping your valuables there.

Children’s room

No one can suspect that there are valuables in the children’s room. You can keep some of your belongings there safely. Choose places like the space between pairs of cabinets.

Create your own hiding places

Why not create hiding places for your valuables yourself?

A hole in the door

Dig a hole at the bottom of the door. You can now hide small valuables there.

A spare tire

Get a spare tire and deflate it. Store your valuables there, then re-inflate the tire. Store it in the garage if you want.

Under the kitchen cabinet

There is ample space to exploit under your kitchen cabinets. Just remove the plinth to make it removable. Fastening with scratchs will allow easier access.

False drawer

Target a deep drawer and cut out some ¼ cm plywood. Lay the plywood over the strips of wood glued to the sides of the drawer. Use an item to get a handle with which you can lift the secret drawer and see your hidden treasure.

It is important to distribute your wealth in different hiding places around the house. Make use of all the hidden places to keep your items safe.

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