How to hunt for scammer locksmiths?

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A locksmith problem is always very annoying, especially since it often occurs unexpectedly. Everyone’s first instinct is to get help as soon as possible. Today, most people will search the internet or Facebook to find the number of the locksmith who can intervene as quickly as possible and at the best price. But this exposes to the risk of widespread scams in locksmithing. Zoom in on the various classic scams committed by unscrupulous “locksmiths” and the means to find a good craftsman locksmith.

Classic locksmith scams

Unscrupulous people often use the same methods to rip off their clients and make them pay more than they should for a procedure.

Billing without a locksmith quote

Most clients who are victims of scamming locksmiths often complain that they have been charged an exorbitant amount without being entitled to a quote first. The law is clear: the locksmith is required to inform his client about the price of services and the methods of calculation.

He is obliged to establish a detailed estimate before performing a service which costs more than 150 € or if the customer requests it. For any intervention in Lorraine for example, it is recommended to go through sites like which allow you to find reliable craftsmen for various interventions: opening of standard door, armored door, change of lock or repair. roller shutter.

The locksmith forced the door into believing that it was an essential step

This is an abusive practice which unfortunately occurs in a common way by unscrupulous locksmiths. Often, this is compounded by the sale of new parts that are not needed for repair. In this case, it is the customer’s right to keep the replaced parts so that they can serve as evidence if necessary later.

The bill “inflated” by the locksmith

It’s always a surprise to receive an invoice with an abnormally high amount with regard to the services requested. It should be noted that the estimate constitutes a contract offer which commits the service provider, in particular on the cost of the service provided. The locksmith must therefore submit an invoice in accordance with the estimate submitted and signed by the customer.

Damage committed by the locksmith

The customer is entitled to engage the responsibility of the locksmith if the latter has not carried out the repair correctly or caused damage.

How to spot scams?

Some points of vigilance must be observed to avoid being ripped off during a service concerning the locksmith:

Find out about the locksmith

Many unscrupulous convenience stores claim that they are approved by some brand of lock. It is the most well-known brands that are often the object of theft: there are even sites of real installers which are purely copied by the crooks to mislead customers. So, if a locksmith you are trying to contact claims to be affiliated with a particular brand, take the time to collect as much information as possible with the brand above all.

Beware of too attractive prices

When you search for a locksmith online, the majority of the links you will see in the first place in the results are advertisements from professionals offering services at bargain prices. There are even locksmiths who offer their services 7 days a week and 24 hours a day for only around thirty euros. These are prices that cannot match the actual prices charged by serious locksmith companies.

You should therefore not rush to the first company that offers prices that are too attractive, because it can very quickly turn sour. Indeed, the final price will be very far from what was announced at the beginning and you have a big risk of ending up with a door with an even more damaged locksmith.

reliable locksmith craftsman

How to choose the right locksmith craftsman?

To choose a locksmith, the first thing to do is not to be attracted by prices that are too low, even if it is only a matter of opening a door. When a skilled craftsman travels with his tools to perform an intervention, it comes at a cost. It is better to pay a lot to benefit from a quality and efficient service rather than calling on someone who does not have all the qualifications and who could damage your equipment. If your lock is damaged by an unscrupulous intervenor, you will be forced to bring in another professional later. In the end, you will have paid a larger amount.

For greater safety, it is necessary avoid entrusting locksmith work to a craftsman chosen at random. Better to choose a professional that you know or who has been recommended to you. To do this, there are many comparison sites that list customer reviews of providers. You will be able to see who are the highest rated professionals and who have the most positive reviews. It is also recommended to rely on certain labels which guarantee the reliability of the craftsman contacted.

Another way to find a reliable and honest locksmith is to use your insurance. The latter is indeed able to advise you on the services of a professional with whom she has already collaborated. This will allow you to hire a trustworthy locksmith, but also to facilitate the reimbursement of the insurance if necessary.

Finally, to be sure not to have any surprises when paying, you must make sure that the estimate is signed before the intervention and not after. It is necessary to inquire precisely about the tariffs applied before the intervention. After the inspection and detection of the problem, the locksmith must write a quote and the customer is free to accept it or to choose to turn to another professional.

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