How to Implement Effective Advertising in the Automotive Sector?

When you have a garage or a car dealership and you want to optimize your communication, there are appropriate solutions, which are of an advertising nature. Because advertising is an important vector of communication, different media are available and allow you to be known and noticed by your customers. Therefore, how to set up effective advertising, to attract, sell and build loyalty?

Why set up an advertising communication when you are an automotive player?

Setting up an advertising communication when you are a dealer, car fleet manager, bodybuilder or mechanic, allows you to establish direct visual contact with your local or passing customers and to inform them about the nature of our core business without however, carry out a canvassing operation.

But that’s not all, setting up an advertising communication when you are an automotive player also allows you to stand out and attract the attention of people or motorists who pass near our dealership. It is in a way an invitation to them to enter and come and discover a car dealership.

Finally, choosing to set up an advertising communication when you are an automotive player allows you to increase your notoriety and show that you are present in your sector of activity. Advertising POS is used to communicate the fact that we are a major player and that we are a reference and a qualified and competent professional.

On what types of media to set up advertising in the automotive sector?

Small advertising display in a car dealership

The implementation of advertising media is dependent on the service provider and the place where it intends to set up its communication. It is also not the same depending on the size of the support. To give you an idea of ​​the possible supports, we are going to present three examples which should allow you to better understand:

  • A car dealership can, for example, use magnetic roof panels, which will indicate to its customers whether a car has a diesel or gasoline engine. This type of billboard can indicate the warranty period of the car and whether it has been serviced. They allow a simple visual to give simple and precise information.
  • For a communication of greater scope and which catches the eye, this same dealer can use a mast with rotating arm or a telescopic mast because he wants to communicate on a promotion in progress or to come such as occasions, unmissable or on a brand in particular.
  • A mechanic can use a smaller format, such as a business card, which he will attach to his customer’s invoice. He can refer to it if necessary, and keep it in his car’s service book or in his wallet.

Which professionals is advertising in the automotive sector aimed at?

Family of a couple with a child buying a car in a car dealership

Working with automotive POS is possible for many companies of all sizes and is not restricted to major automotive players.

Thus, as we said earlier, a small mechanic can use it to signal his garage with a simple well-placed sidewalk stop sign which will have an impact on his customers and on passing motorists.

Of course, car dealers will have access to advertising signs such as magnetic plates that they will place on the door of a car when they have it tested. They will use automotive POS that they can place on a license plate to indicate that the vehicle is a first hand.

A car fleet can use POS advertising to stick it on a windshield to indicate the energy indications of a car. In the same spirit, he may have a sticker indicating the discount applied to a vehicle.

Why use stickers and decals as automotive POS?

sticker round black stickers

Automotive advertising is customizable at will and if you are looking to communicate on a specific product such as a sticker or sticker, this is possible because it can be designed according to customer demand and requirement. By calling on a graphic designer, the scope of the message reflects your image, it corresponds to your personality and the corporate values ​​you want to convey.

The choice of many stickers is possible. For example, windshield stickers have many texts that will indicate promotions, benefits, guarantees, fuel and multiple indicators. POS can also take the form of energy stickers or customizable stickers that can be printed online to communicate in a very personal way with customers.

The use of stickers and decals is also the perfect medium for communicating prices, sales arguments such as low mileage, the specifics of a vehicle, whether it has a petrol, electric or diesel engine. compact and easy to store, they can be taken out easily when needed.

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