How to improve your endurance with cardio sessions?

Do you find that you lack endurance and want to get back in shape or boost your respiratory performance? Try cardio. With good reflexes during training, cardio will considerably improve your endurance.

Know your target heart rate

If you want to get the most out of your workouts, it’s important that you know what your target heart rate is. There are different types: aerobic threshold and anaerobic threshold.

Aerobic activities will be the best for improving endurance while anaerobic activities should help improve speed and performance.

Aerobic workouts use fat for fuel while anaerobic activities use glycogen. Aerobic training can be done in zone 1, which is low / medium intensity and will be the best for improving your endurance, while zone 2 improves resistance.

Find the right intensity for you

A workout that is too light will not improve your cardio. It can make you lose fat, but without difficulty, the progress of your respiratory capacities is close to zero.

To find out if you are at the right intensity, there is a simple test: speak during exercise.

  • If you speak without difficulty and without straining your breath, your intensity is low.
  • If you can speak while being careful to breathe well, the intensity is intermediate.
  • If you can’t speak and have trouble finding your breath, the intensity is high.

As a beginner, the intermediate level is the most suitable.

Try interval training to improve your endurance.

Try interval cardio exercises to improve your endurance.

The concept of interval training is simple: you practice for a short time at a low pace, then accelerate sharply for another short period. Once the cycle is finished, you resume one.

With interval training, you end the session on the kneecaps. But, in terms of increasing your stamina, it doesn’t get much better. Moreover, even great athletes such as professional football players or marathon runners include it in their physical preparation.

Make sure you get enough sleep and eat healthy

Sleep and nutrition are very important for an athlete. Sleep is when your body repairs and regenerates itself.

If you don’t get enough sleep, it’s hard to improve endurance during cardio sessions because you don’t have enough energy to “strain”.

Food and hydration must also be taken care of. Do not eat heavy before your sessions and favor slow sugars during the meal preceding your cardio session. Drink plenty of water after exercise. This allows the muscles to recover better and reduces muscle soreness.

Keep a journal of your workouts so you can see your progress over time

Keeping a journal of your workouts is very important if you want to improve your endurance through cardio sessions.

It is also crucial that you take note of the intensity and duration so that over time you can see progress and work towards better endurance.

There is nothing better to always be on top of your motivation!

Enlist the help of a coach and / or participate in classes in a gym

Coaches and gym classes are also great ideas for improving endurance. So, if you go to a Montpellier gym, you can practice RPM or Hiit classes, ideal for improving endurance.

The presence of a coach is also ideal since you can ask them for advice: what to plan for each training session, how to vary the exercises, how to promote recovery between sessions, etc.

Classes allow you to work on your cardio with other people, which is motivating.

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