How to improve your non-verbal communication with a client?

Perhaps you have prepared a beautiful, compelling and eye-catching text to serve your client? Super reflex! However, this effort will be almost useless if in front of it, your behavior does not reflect anything interesting and you appear like a robot reciting its text.

It would be very sad if such a situation happened or even worse, happened often. That’s why you need to think, as early as possible, about improving your non-verbal communication.

Why is it important to improve your non-verbal communication?

Non-verbal communication, much more than verbal communication, enables salespeople to be very successful in business. In fact, posture and body language considerably influence the message you send to the interlocutors during a conversation. This is also true for a professional relationship like a discussion in a couple!

In addition, the opinions that your employees or clients will have of you largely depend on your behavior when you speak. Thus, good non-verbal communication will allow you to boost your sales or your business.

How to improve your non-verbal communication with a client?

Many tips allow you to develop or improve your non-verbal communication.

Adopt a good body language

The first impression is often the one we keep. So avoid giving a bad impression to your customers. Dress appropriately and neatly. Thus, your interlocutor will give you more consideration. Indeed, if you neglect your dress code, the customer will not be wrong to think that your offer is also neglected.

Also, stand up straight. This will reflect that you are confident and not lacking in self-confidence. When you greet the other person, they should feel vigor in your wrist. It is recommended that you practice this wrist technique. In fact, your vigor must exceed his. If you stick with it, you have a better chance of success.

Don’t save your smile

Smiling is always important in marketing. There are many articles on Internet Journal that will help you better understand marketing tips.

When a child smiles at an angry person, that person tends to let go and smile too. It will be exactly the same between you and your client. Indeed, even if your client is reluctant or is on his guard, a beautiful smile will make him let go. This will facilitate the rest of the communication.

It is advisable to keep this smile throughout the conversation. Also show him credibility, sincerity, interest and enthusiasm.

Develop the art of eye contact

A shifty look is an attitude to be avoided. Eye contact is very important in convincing. Fix your client in the eye and hold your gaze. So as not to bother him, look away from time to time and start again. To do this better, you will need some practice.

Also avoid frowning. You run the risk of indirectly telling the other person that you are concerned, confused, or angry. On the other hand, the raised ones will show that you are happy or surprised.

Do not gesticulate

It is true that it is recommended to do a lot of gestures. However, this will focus on important arguments or specific points. However, don’t overdo it. The gestures will distract your interlocutor and will therefore become counterproductive if they are excessive.

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