How to improve your phone’s network signal?

Improving the network signal of your cell phone is possible. Sometimes coverage can be compromised by the position or configuration of the device. In other cases, it is possible to improve the performance of the device using a specialized device.

Disable 3G reception

The coverage of data telephone networks varies geographically. Depending on the location, there is a chance that the 4G or 5G signal will be received stronger than the 3G signal. Some models, especially the older ones, use the 3G network by default. This is undesirable behavior. To prevent the device from automatically connecting to the 3G network, you will need to update the installed operating system. Having the latest version of Android or iOS ensures that the options are up to date. Then you need to go to “Settings” and look for network options. A tab will display the available data networks. Switch between them and see which one gives you the strongest signal.

Using a mobile signal booster

A mobile signal booster or range extender is the easiest solution to the problem. This device works like an antenna. The most appropriate device for each particular case depends on the characteristics of the population where it will be used. So in small towns and rural population centers, where there are practically no users and these are quite dispersed, you can use amplifiers with few channels and low frequencies. In this way, a better terrestrial propagation is obtained. In densely populated cities, it is necessary for the mobile signal booster to use more energetic frequencies. The ranges around 1800, 2100, and 2600 MHz are preferred. It should also be noted that if the area where the device is to be used is very large, the rated power or gain of the system will need to be higher.

Use a typo to improve reception

In general, objects placed between the telephone receiver and the repeater antenna used by the telephone company deteriorate the signal. The exception to the rule is seashells intended to improve reception. The shells can be problematic when they have metallic elements or reinforcing meshes. This interferes with radio waves and prevents the device from receiving the signal properly. They can also interfere with radio waves and prevent the device from receiving the signal properly. To check if there is a problem with the case, simply remove it while leaving the phone on. If you see an improvement in the coverage, we can conclude that the shell is problematic. In this case, it is advisable to replace the pre-existing shell with a shell without components or ornamentation executed in metal. In addition, it is helpful if the thickness of the plastic is minimal, especially where the cell phone receiver is located.

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