How to increase the revenue from its sports ticketing?

Ticket sales are one of the most important revenues for the majority of national level clubs. It is therefore vital for clubs to know how to create excitement around events and to design offers that are likely to convert.

Multiple ways to book

Forget the one-stop shop open thirty minutes before the match! While having a remainder of it useful for people who have become accustomed to buying only at the counters, the youngest prefer to order their tickets online. The platform chosen must be simple, fast and make it possible to understand the different prices and the location of places.

For large events, pre-sell. This can cause emulation and the possibility of not being able to get seats can more easily convince the undecided.

Consistent pricing policy

It is always astonishing to bleed to pay for a ticket and to see on D-Day, half of the stands empty. Setting the “right” price is never easy, as many factors can disrupt the flow. Some are your responsibility (team results, style of play, atmosphere in the room) and others, not (day of the match, impossible parking around, other big events taking place…).

Study these aspects in advance to decide on the price. If you are raising prices at a small club, prepare for a solid pitch. To you, putting two euros more for a seat may seem trivial, but for groups of supporters it can be seen as a betrayal.

A good idea can be to create a hierarchy in the matches according to the opponent and the importance of the match. For example, add + 10% for matches against top clubs or competitions like the Coupe de France.

Do not forget in the tariffs the reductions for the students, the handicapped people and the graduates.

The creation of packs

If all the big French clubs create packs, it is not only because the marketing side appeals, but because the financial returns are very interesting. Most often, the packs consist of a large poster and a match for which we fear a lack of attendance.

Thus, the PSG ticket office likes to launch packs before a big Champions League football match including the place for the flagship meeting and another for a national cup match or against a small Ligue 1 team.

To make the packs work more, put them on sale before the single seats. Thus, people who are afraid of not finding a seat will be tempted to buy a pack even if it means attending only one match or going to a match that they did not like more than that.

Don’t overlook other income

In a sports arena, it would be a serious mistake to focus only on seats. Develop other sources of income. The refreshment bar is a great classic. Waiting time is a key factor, even more important than the list of products sold.

Also work on highlighting your store. Attractive products like plain t-shirts are fine. Once the stands are in your colors, it further convinces new spectators to come to the store.

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