How to increase your visibility on social networks easily?

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Social networks are widely used all over the world. They have become one of the best preferred means of communication available to businesses. Being able to emerge from this crowd, take advantage of all the potential offered by them and make the audience available there, literally, becomes a battle. For this, nothing like Community Management!

Social networks: the services of a Community Management agency

Generally, Community Management refers to a set of skills aimed at promoting a company’s products, services or brand image on social networks. It is therefore an integral part of the overall digital strategy of companies. The professional in charge of this activity is the Community Manager.

The fields of action of Community Management being vast, a Community Manager may not have all the required skills. Hence the interest of agencies specializing in the field such as Kolais, which brings together a team of professionals able to improve your visibility on social networks.

Visibility and notoriety accompanied by a customer loyalty strategy are the benefits of using Community Management professionals.

At the heart of the profession of Community Manager

This expert in communication on social networks specifically deals with:

  • the definition of the editorial charter, of creation;
  • the animation of your social networks;
  • graphic content, monitoring and analysis of results …

Definition of the editorial charter

This step is to think about and define a vocabulary adapted to the communication of your company. It follows the prior establishment of a social media strategy. The latter allows the identification of social networks that will be more relevant given the situation of your business.

Creation and animation of various social networks

The Community Manager can take care of the creation of social media accounts for your company if not yet. Beyond the creation, he takes care of the animation of these accounts through the regular publication of quality and adapted content.

Community Management: content production, a key aspect

The Community Manager is required to regularly produce creative content in order to animate the social accounts of your company. Indeed, on social networks, a regular presence is crucial. Posting content on a daily basis, responding to messages and comments from your subscribers, all of this creates an emotional bond with them. This helps maintain their interest in your brand and convert them into leads.

In addition, being an expert, the Community Manager knows how to adapt the content and their graphics to the specificities of each social network on which it will be published.

Performance analysis in the field of Community Management

The CM also keeps watch and analyzes the results obtained on the basis of performance indicators. It sends you its results monthly through a detailed report in order to facilitate the monitoring of its actions.

What to remember? Increasing your visibility on social networks takes time and special skills. Entrust this aspect of your company’s communication to a Community Management agency is an effective option.

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