How to Install an Armchair Suspended from a Beam?

If you have a beautiful beam in your living room or terrace, many decorating ideas can come to mind. Why not a hanging chair?

It is a very design furniture that is one of the musts in terms of decoration at 21e century. But, there are a number of prerequisites to take into account before installing it.

Find out here everything you need to know to properly install a chair hanging from a beam.

First check the strength of the beam

If you do not want your moments of relaxation to end in big falls, you must pay special attention to it. Indeed, the type of beam that you have will define whether or not you can have an armchair. You can ask an expert for advice so as not to do any damage.

But in general, reinforced concrete beams work quite well for this style of installation. But in the case of wooden beams, small checks are needed. Still, unless they are primarily for decorative purposes, the beams of a house are made to support heavy loads. Therefore, installing a hanging chair there should be without fear.

Choose a suitable chair model

All you need to know to make the right choice is that the chair you choose to hang should be based on the overall style you want to give your decor. In this case, it is your personal appreciation that counts, as well as your decorative sensibility.

However, you should know that rattan and woven resin armchairs are models that generally give a feeling of lightness and discretion. In addition, these materials give a rather tropical atmosphere and often integrate well with verandas and garden terraces.

Nevertheless, there are still many other materials such as metal to have a much more modern feel. But beyond that, it is important to know that for small spaces, it is better to choose furniture that is not very bulky for fear of feeling stifled in the long run. But the more space you have, the more you can let go.

2 solutions for hanging a chair suspended from a beam

Once you have checked the strength of your beam and chosen your chair, there are several methods for hanging your chair or hanging chair. The most suitable method for you will depend on the style for which you have opted in your decor.

Passing around the beam with a chain or rope

It is very simple. If you choose a chain, you absolutely need carabiners. So, you just have to pass your chain through the clip of your chair and then around your beam. After that, you need to connect the two ends of the chain using the carabiners. And voila !

If it is a rope you have chosen, you can use carabiners and the method is the same as with a chain, or you can do it without carabiners. Here, it is not very essential. However, you need to have a good grasp of knots to be able to effectively hold your furniture. If you have been a Scout before, this will be a piece of cake.

In all cases, you just have to make sure to shift the carabiners a little so that it does not damage the attachment of the wheelchair.

With an ankle and hook system

With this system, all you have to do is make a small hole in your beam (preferably on the bottom surface). In this hole, you will insert the peg in which you will place the hook. And it is on the hook that you will pass either the rope or the chain to which your chair will be suspended.

However, there are chemical anchors which are made from resin. They give a better solidity to your binding.

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