How to Install Skype on PC and Mobile?

A lot of remote communication takes place via Skype software. Also, many people today have Skype on their computer or phone. But how to install skype on pc and mobile? Some tips and methods to achieve this.

Tips for installing Skype on your computer:

First of all, you need to go to the official Skype website and download the installation file there. Remember to download the latest version. The link you can follow is: When a window appears, click on “Install Skype for Windows”. You will have completed the first step.

Then you will be offered to click on ” Record “, which will send the file to the Downloads folder on your machine. With a simple double-click, you will be able to launch the installation of Skype on your computer.

Skype Setup Assistant will open, allowing you to select the language in which you prefer to use the program. You should then click on “I accept – following”. If you want Skype to start as soon as your computer starts up, you can go to ” Settings advanced ”. If this option does not interest you, you can uncheck this function.

For installation, you will be offered to make Bing or MSN your home page. Uncheck these two options and to continue click on ” Continue “.

It only takes a few minutes for the program to install.

When the installation is complete, all you have to do is open the program and fill in the information relating to your account. This only applies if you have already created, on your tablet for example, a Skype account. You will then have to register your ” Username “ and your ” Password “, before clicking on ” Entrance “. If not, the next step will be to create a Skype account for yourself.

If you don’t have a Skype account, on the “Log in”, click on ” Create an account “.

The creation of the account is done via an internet connection. If you have a Live or Hotmail email address, you can use it by clicking Create Account.

During this step, you will have many fields to fill out. Information like your last name, not to mention the block of “Data personal “. In the end, you will have to choose a username and a password, and click on “I accept – Continue”. All you have to do is identify yourself to validate your account.

There you have it, you’ve just finished installing Skype on your computer. All you have to do is add your contacts to be able to chat with them as well as make video calls for free.

Tips for installing Skype on your mobile:

Skype software can be installed on Android phone, iPhone or Windows Phone and Blackberry. Here are the tips for its installation according to the brand of your mobile:

  • How to install Skype on Android? Android phones compatible with Skype must be at least OS version 2.1. The procedure is simple. Just go to the store Android Play Store and download the Skype application. The installation will be done easily, you will not have to intervene. However, it should be noted that you need a good memory (at least 27 MB).
  • How to install Skype on IPhone? Your iPhone must have at least IOS 4.0 system. Since Skype official site, or the Apple site, you can download the application, via the‘Apple Store. Otherwise, from Itunes, you can install the application directly, always via the Call Store. A minimum space of 22.6 MB is required to accommodate the application.
  • How to install Skype on Windows Phone and Blackberry? First make sure your Windows is at least 7.5 and have at least 512MB of space. Since Windows Phone Store or, you will have access to the Skype application. For Blackberry phones, go to Blackberry World. But first, make sure you have a Q 5, Q 10, Z 10 or Z 30 device and have at least the OS 10 operating system.

What are the advantages of Skype for communicating?

For remote communication, there is a lot of software. Skype, however, has many advantages that largely justify its popularity:

  • The calls are free from Skype to Skype, which makes this application very free.
  • The videoconferences telephone calls can be made with Skype, and integrate more than 5 people.
  • The device connectivity Allows you to route missed calls on your computer to your phone. We can thus communicate with all of our contacts, and this on the whole planet, from PC to PC, from PC to mobile or from mobile to mobile.
  • The quality video calls, with dynamic images of your contacts as soon as your device has a webcam.
  • The ease of use of Skype in fact a software within the reach of the greatest number. The application has more than 317 million users around the world.
  • The international calls via Skype are often of better quality than those of other online communication brands.

We understand better, with these few points, the origin of the success of Skype in the world.

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