How to install solar panels in Seine-et-Marne?

When you have a house, what is appreciable is to save energy and money, for this the ideal solution is the solar panel. A still recent market, it is not easy to know where to find information to have it installed. Here are some solutions for installing solar panels in Seine-et-Marne.

Call on a roofing company in the 77

The easiest way to finish a job well done is to call on a roofing company. You just have to click here to find a roofer in the 77, who does this type of installation, which will allow you to contact them and ask for the desired information.

It is still advisable to contact several companies and have quotes made, to have a range of prices, but also opinions on the different possibilities of carrying out work. Do not hesitate to ask for information on old sites, to get an idea of ​​their capacities.

What are the steps for installing wage panels?

Once you have found the artisans who will install your solar panels, there are a few steps before installing them on your roof.

  • At first, the craftsman will contact you, to learn more about your project, but also to give you all the necessary information such as the percentage of sunshine, but also the advantages that you will have according to your consumption.
  • Once this is done, the person will come to your home to carry out a technical visit. The expert will take the measurements he needs, take several photos, and confirm the sun exposure.
  • Once this is done and validated, they will come and install the solar panels and explain how they work.
  • After that, agents from the Enedis company come to connect them to the EDF network, which will allow you to resell the surplus energy that you will produce.

What are the subsidies for the installation of solar panels?

The commitments are today to switch to green energy for many countries including France, which is why the State offers aid, which is of 3 types.

  • Benefited from a premium per kWp installed
  • A tax credit for the installation of photovoltaic solar panels
  • A reduced VAT rate

These different aids are very interesting, but what is interesting are also the savings made subsequently. Indeed, it is a solution that allows up to 70% savings on your electricity bill.


  • Energy saving and environment

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