How to Invest Correctly on Mintos?

Between the investment strategies to be configured and the platform available exclusively in English, investing in Mintos may seem complicated to you at first. But do not worry.

To invest correctly on Mintos, you must first of all choose your investment strategy and, if necessary, customize it according to your own criteria. We explain in detail how to set up your personalized Mintos strategy.

Choose your strategy from among several

For your loans between private individuals on Mintos, you have the choice between two main categories of strategies: Mintos strategies and personalized strategy.

Three in number, Mintos strategies correspond to predefined investment configurations and managed in a fully automated manner by the platform’s algorithm. These are the strategies:

  • Diversified
  • Conservative
  • High efficiency

As for the personalized strategy (Custum), it allows you to configure your investments according to your own preferences, then automate or manage them manually. With this option you will be able to create and define in detail the criteria of your loans.

How to configure the personalized strategy?

To set up your personalized strategy, start by clicking on the “Custum” button from your Mintos account interface. You will then be able to define the rules of your strategy by filtering among more than 15 loan criteria those that correspond to your objectives.

The selection of criteria includes among others:

  • Choice of currency (Euro)
  • The market’s choice between primary market and secondary market
  • The size of the portfolio, i.e. the amount of money allocated to your strategy
  • The maximum amount to invest per loan
  • The choice of loan initiators and available guarantees …

How to set the level of profitability?

There are two essential adjustments to be made with regard to profitability in your personalized investment strategy.

This is the range of interest rates that will be applied to your various loans. The personalized strategy is distinguished by its higher return margins, ie 6 to 20%. All you have to do here is enter the minimum and maximum interest rates you want.

The other parameter to specify for the profitability of your investments is the duration of the loans. Depending on your goals, you may prefer long-term or short-term investments (0 to 3 or 4 months for example). In the latter case, the loans and interest will be repaid more quickly and can be reinvested or transferred to your bank account.

How to configure your first table?

The table is an integral part of your custom policy configuration items. The criteria to be configured in this context include in particular:

  • The types of loans you want to invest in,
  • The choice of loan issuers,
  • The risk score,
  • Countries of loan applicants
  • The buyback guarantee or not.

Sort out to avoid all risks

As on the different loan platforms between individuals, there is finally a series of sorts that you can perform in order to optimize your investment strategy and limit your risks.

The first sort concerns the delays in reimbursement. It will allow you to exclude loan issuers showing a significant margin of delay after the maturity of the loans. A second sort of bad debt can be applied to your strategy to exclude loan companies with bad debt.

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