How to learn guitar while traveling

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For a long time we wanted to travel to play guitar around the world but we didn’t really know how to go about it. Today is the opportunity for us to give you all our advice so that you can travel with your guitar to new places.

This can be an opportunity to learn the guitar in another way by changing the environment. The problem at the start is that we don’t really know where to start and what to do to achieve our ends.

Where to go?
What equipment to have to travel light?
What guitar?

The good news is that we will see all that in this article and we will give you all our advice for traveling and playing the guitar with the most suitable equipment. For years we were not optimized at this level and that caused us a lot of problems. We had to carry around our big guitar, with our amp, our pc, etc… And today we managed to greatly reduce everything we had to carry before. So you might be wondering how we did it? We tell you all that in this article.

The sound

Before we only judged by the guitar amps which have a great sound nevertheless to transport it is problematic and it immediately poses a lot of problems when you have to travel.

The size, the weight, the cables etc… All of this takes up space and it is not the best material to travel with your guitar. A good alternative to the amp is the sound card and headphones. So this is really if you want to play just for yourself and compose in your own corner. It is the lightest solution.

Then if you want to play live you will need an additional speaker. At this time we are divided between amplifier and sound card but we would always lean more for the sound card because you can feed it via your laptop and have a playback list with you if you want to be accompanied and that you don’t have a group.

First, you will need to make a small budget to update all your hardware. To travel and play the guitar, you absolutely need light and quality equipment that is easily transportable. The advantage of being light and being able to play wherever you want is that you will be able to play in a lot of different environments which is great for your inspiration and creativity. It was during such trips that we composed our best songs and discovered our best musical ideas.

In addition, the change of environment can allow you to reset your habits and get out of your comfort zone. Now you have to get started and dare to go on an adventure to experience all of this.

You shouldn’t ask yourself too many questions and go for it to achieve your goals and play the guitar as you see fit.

This is how you will discover true freedom. As we told you, we found a lot of guitar composition ideas while traveling and it gave us a lot of confidence. Our game was improved and we no longer had to worry about our previous questions making us doubt ourselves.

It really allowed us to advance and progress effectively on the guitar. We also had a lot of fantastic encounters. Now another easier way to travel light is to ditch the electric guitar.

The instrument

Do you know Estas Tonne? He is a street musician who travels all the time and now performs in large auditoriums around the world. This classical guitarist began to play in the streets and has progressed enormously with these various experiences. This is really a great source of inspiration if you are looking for something new that is a bit out of the ordinary.

It is enough to observe him play to understand that the trip allowed him to develop an extreme intimacy with his instrument which is really beautiful to see and especially to listen.

These kinds of musicians have reached very impressive levels of expression and are really worth the detour so if today you want to travel and make music you should definitely pay attention to Estas Tonne to take lessons from it.

In any case, we hope that these tips will help you in your progress.

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