How to Maintain a Kid Quad?

Like any vehicle, the child quad needs to be maintained to keep it functioning optimally and stay in good condition.

If you’ve recently given your child a wonderful four-wheeler, you absolutely need to help them take care of it to avoid breakdowns and premature aging of the vehicle. So your toddler can enjoy it for many years to come.

Here are some recommendations and practical tips to help you maintain your child’s quad and optimize its lifespan.

After each ride, wash it off with water

To take care of a quad you must take the trouble to wash it well. This is a preliminary and essential step for the maintenance of this machine. In view of the nature of the terrain on which it is generally called upon to ride (beaten paths, wild terrain, etc.) your child’s quad can easily be soiled.

This is why it is recommended to wash preferably after each outing or use by your child. To prevent mud and other dirt from damaging the structure and parts of the ATV. You can wash the entire quad with water with a high pressure jet to remove accumulated sludge and residue more easily.

After cleaning with a water jet, you can use a brush and soapy water or a specific cleaning product to clean more stubborn dirt. After that you will just have to rinse with clean water and let it dry.

Check its battery or fuel level

After washing, you can turn your attention to the power sources for your child’s quad. For an electric model, the element to be checked is the battery. You should check the fluid level in the battery and its outer casing to make sure it is not cracked or showing whitish films on the terminals.

You should also verify that the battery is functioning normally by testing its level of electricity with a voltmeter or multimeter. Remember that a battery in good condition will display a voltage between 12 and 13 V. Recharge it if it is flat or change it if it is out of service.

For a gasoline quad, the check will be focused on the engine and the maintenance of ancillary parts. You should check the fuel level in the tank and above all change the engine oil, preferably every 10 hours of use. This is also an opportunity to check its tightness, check and clean the air filter or replace it if necessary.

Check the quad brakes

Another essential maintenance detail to ensure is checking and cleaning your child’s quad brake system. Brakes in good condition are essential for safe driving. You should therefore remember to regularly check the thickness of the brake discs and pads to make sure that they are not worn and need to be replaced.

You must also check the accumulation of dirt, mud and dust accumulated on the disc, the pads that may limit the quality of braking. If necessary, you must clean them using a brake cleaner to remove impurities and restore the full braking efficiency of the quad.

In addition to the braking system, it is also recommended to check and clean the chain kit and to lubricate the chain with a suitable lubricant. But also to check the tightness of the wheels and the inflation of the tires before storing the quad.

Store it in a safe place

Once your child’s quad has been thoroughly cleaned and all the important checks have been made, all you have to do is store the machine in a safe place. You should store it in a dry place at room temperature and cover it with a blanket or protective cover.

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