How to maintain and clean your garden swing?

In your garden, the swing is at the mercy of dirt and stains of all kinds. To keep it always clean, in addition to good advice on use, you must clean each component separately and remove the most stubborn stains by means of very effective tricks of which we will reveal all the secrets! Before buying your garden swing, you would like to have some information such as maintenance, we will help you with this article.

Canvas cleaning

Unlike the structure of the swing which does not generally require a great deal of maintenance, the fabric itself needs to be cleaned regularly at a frequency which depends on its material. In most cases, the canvas is made of plastic and its cleaning is not difficult.

It consists of removing the dust accumulated on the top. If you haven’t cleaned for a long time, you will need to do a thorough degreasing using a coin. For cases where the canvas is made of polyester mixed with vegetable fibers, it is better to clean the canvas in the washing machine to remove all the dust.

Cushions cleaning

Hanging armchair with cushions

The other components of the swing to clean are the cushions. They must be cleaned very often in order to fight the accumulation of dirt because, they undergo both the vagaries of the dust and all the people who take place in the swing.

If they are detachable from the swing, the cushions are easier to maintain. Simply remove the cushion covers and machine wash them. On the other hand, in the specific case of fixed cushions, a special trick must be used. This consists of using a shampooer to thoroughly clean the textile material of the cushions.

How to remove reluctant stains with a few tips

woman sitting on a swing in a field

You may come across stains on the cushions of your swing, even after washing them, it happens. And in this case, it is necessary to use an adaptive product to make them disappear. But first, it is necessary to determine precisely the nature of the task in question. These are commonly ink, oil, or blood stains, etc.

Then you can use one of the many homemade recipes to remove stains like this. But still, the best solution is to consult the user guide of your swing to find out what is advisable to do in these cases.

Some tips for better use

Of course, it is impossible to keep your swing completely free from dirt and stains, but good handling attitudes can limit their occurrence. The swing will require less maintenance, its material will not wear out quickly and it will last longer.

As a guide for better use of your swing, avoid leaving it in the rain in the uncovered garden. When it rains, move it to the patio or to the garage, then you can fully enjoy the benefits of a swing. You should also focus on cleaning products that are not top aggressive, and have spare cushions so as not to wear out the original cushions of the swing.

Finally, in winter you will have to remember to store your swing as it should, either in a shelter, a garage, or depending on the material of it, you can simply cover it with a cover.

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