How to maintain and extend the life of your caps?

Whether you wear your cap for work or play, to protect yourself from the sun, or just to hide the lack of a morning hairstyle, chances are it will get dirty and you will need to wash it.

If this happens, washing is necessary. But, be careful with your method! Poor choices can remove color, harden the material or worse, shrink it. Here’s a simple 5-step method.

1. Fill a container with warm or cold water.

Avoid hot water as it can damage your finest personalized cap. Add a tablespoon of laundry detergent while your bucket or basin fills with water. Make sure it is well mixed with the water before you start your wash.

2. Pretreatment.

If there are stains or mud, wipe them off with a dab of cleaner directly or use fabric stain remover.

If you are using a cleaner, after you have soaked the cap in water first, use a toothbrush, cotton swab, or other small scrub brush to gently rub the cleaner into the fabric. Do this until foaming, then repeat the soaking process.

Pay attention to threaded seams. If you are too vigorous while scrubbing, the seams can become loose.

Shampoo can be great for those stubborn sweat stains found around the inner rim. In addition, it removes bad smells.

Then use a clean white cloth for the outside of the cap. Thoroughly remove all dust.

3. Let the cap soak

After washing in lukewarm water, soak your cap for an hour or two in your bucket. This gently cleans it.

Pull the top of the cap every now and then to see what the dirt and stains look like. For any stains you see, use your small brush and gently scrub the area again and be careful of the stitches and stitched logos.

4. Rinse off the laundry with lukewarm water.

Once the soaking is complete, empty the water from the jump, then rinse your cap for a long time with lukewarm (not hot) water. This removes all the foam and the last dirt that has stuck on it.

5. Air dry your cap.

Dab gently (and don’t rub) with a towel as much as possible at first, while maintaining the shape of the cap and being gentle with the logos. This is to avoid removing color or damaging the seams.

Once the excess water is gone, let it dry on a dryer. If you find a medium with a head shape like a dummy, bowler, or bowling ball, it will dry faster and you increase the chances of the cap keeping its original shape. You will also avoid wrinkles.

Ban the idea of ​​putting it in an automatic clothes dryer. As with other garments, the process may shrink it, fade the color, and wrinkle it more than necessary.

Follow this simple method, albeit a little long, and you will durably extend the life of your caps!

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