How To Maintain The Air Conditioning Of Your Car?

Air conditioning is appreciated for the comfort it provides to the interior of your car.

However, to be able to play its role well, it needs regular maintenance and to be recharged after a certain period. Operations in principle reserved for approved professionals, but which you can carry out yourself with all the necessary precautions. Find out when and how to charge your vehicle’s air conditioning.

How to define whether to recharge the air conditioning in your car?

It is relatively easy to determine the starting point for recharging a vehicle’s air conditioning. Here are some symptoms that can help you figure out that it is time to recharge your car’s air conditioning.

The absence of cold

The absence of cold in the cabin of your car even when the air conditioning is on is the most evocative sign of the need to recharge your air conditioning. This symptom may indeed indicate exhaustion or low level of refrigerant gas.

If it is too low, the pressure generated by the air conditioning system will simply be too low to produce cold.

A decrease in ventilation power

You can also be alerted to the need to recharge your auto air conditioner from the drop in ventilation power and the weakness of the cold delivered. Having said that, this symptom can also indicate a malfunction or death of the compressor, in which case you will notice metallic noises during the operation of the air conditioning.

How long does it take to recharge the air conditioning of a car?

The frequency of recharging an air conditioning depends largely on habits and frequency of use.

You will agree with us that if you are used to keeping your air conditioning on for long hours during a heat wave, for example, your refrigerant gas will run out more quickly. Nevertheless, we can estimate the average duration of a recharge around 3 years.

That said, the presence of a failure or an undetected leak could just as easily accelerate the loss of gas rather than expected and surprise you. This is why you must regularly carry out gas level checks during annual service cycles.

How to charge the air conditioning of a car?

Car air conditioning recharging is an operation that should in principle be entrusted to a certified professional for greater safety. Especially if you are new to or have a newer car model (hybrid or electric).

Nevertheless, it is not excluded to carry out the operation yourself and to save on the costs of the intervention. To do this, you will need to get everything you need to recharge, including: the air conditioning recharge recharge kit, a tool box and above all personal protective equipment (gloves and glasses, etc.).

Once you have properly threaded your protective tools and prepared the refill kit, you can begin the operation, which is generally carried out in 4 steps:

  • The connection of the recharging kit to the air conditioning system of your car.
  • Recharging the air conditioning, after piercing the refrigerant can.
  • Checking the recharge.
  • Disconnecting the air conditioning recharge kit.
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