How To Maintain Timber Siding?

When it covers house facades, wood siding brings aesthetics to the home. However, wood is a material that requires regular maintenance every one or two years. This maintenance, in addition to being constant, must be done with the greatest care so as not to damage the material in the long term. Discover here the point of the tips and products to use to rejuvenate and preserve your wood siding for a long time.

What products to maintain a wooden cladding?

Person passing varnish on a wooden board, to protect it

The saturator is a benchmark in the maintenance of wood cladding. It protects the coating against humidity, solar UV rays and protects it from graying and cracking. It is a product compatible with all types of wood and easy to apply.

More conservative than saturators, there are stains which are ideally applied to vertical surfaces. These form a film on the surface of the siding, which later requires sanding the wood before a next maintenance.

Apart from these two products, water repellents are also used. These waterproof the wood to prevent it from cracking. To find out more, you can find the right products and all the advice on this site.

Paint is a good product for masking the traditional look of wood while ensuring good longevity. In the absence of paint, the varnish gives an excellent result without veiling the color of the wood.

How to clean a wooden cladding?

When the wood is slightly damaged, it is cleaned with a simple brush followed by washing. On the other hand, in the event of advanced deterioration, the conventional cleaning operation is preceded by sanding and stripping of the surface concerned.

How to protect a wood cladding?

The protection of the siding requires an application of fungicide and insecticide. These help protect the wall covering from fungi and insects (termites, larvae, wood beetles, etc.). Although some products can treat these ailments separately, new brands are offering all-in-one solutions.

How to renovate an exterior wood siding?

For a facelift, sanding and stripping are the first procedures to be undertaken. Indispensable, these operations will make it possible to get rid of imperfections in the wood and prepare its surface to receive a new finish.

After sanding, a layer of protection against humidity and climatic hazards must be applied. This can be paint, varnish or any other siding preservation product. For a better adaptation, find out about the products best suited to the forest species used for your siding.

Added to your wood preservative products, a treatment against insects and fungi is necessary to complete the renovation. A successful facelift can keep your soldering intact for more than 3 years before a possible maintenance.

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