How to Make a Classic Mailbox Connected?

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Is your mailbox still ordinary? It is possible to transform it into a modern mailbox. There are many techniques for doing this, but not all are created equal. It is therefore important to make an optimal choice in this direction.

Add a simple sensor to the ordinary mailbox

A connected mailbox is also called a 2.0 mailbox, it is designed by adding a sensor to said box. The sensor signals the presence or absence of letters and packages. The advantage of this modern box is that the postman can no longer access it at all times. Indeed, this one provides his PTT Pass, opens the ordinary cashier at will.

The installation of the sensor does not change the ordinary mailbox, nor is it an obstacle for the postman. The electronic system, once installed, is completely autonomous. This means that it is not powered by any established system or by means of a remote control.

How to install a sensor on a classic mailbox?

It should be noted that the radio signal emitted by the sensor alleviates the task for the owner. The latter is no longer required to come to the mailbox incessantly to check his mail. Moreover, the method for constructing such a mechanism is fairly simple and accessible to all.

Cut 2 boards equal in size to those in the box. Drill 4 holes on each of the walls and insert cords. Also provide four IR LEDs / photodiode. Place two in the top plate and two more in the bottom board. Then place an NFR24L01 radio module in the junction box.

How does the mail and parcel sensor work?

The sensor emits a radio signal as soon as the mail is deposited. The infrared mechanism is recommended to produce light from one of the pairs of LEDs. When the box is empty, the IR LEDs illuminate the photodiodes. Otherwise, the photodiodes remain off. In principle, when you remove the folds, the system starts up again.

In the top board, place a 220 ohm resistor. Connect 6 leads to the resistor so as to stick each of the wires to the cathode of an IR LED. Each of the 6 wires must be connected to one of the 6 points of the Arduino. The ignition and shutdown system is thus installed. At the bottom, glue a 700 ohm resistor to the plate. Connect 1 wire to one of the resistor terminals, the other to the Arduino. Attach 7 wires to the resistor and 1 to the arduino. The switching on and off are regulated by the 6 wires connected to the 6 points of the Arduino.

The signal is conveyed by a simple system

The signal can also come from a door switch. It is an alarm system produced by a NO / NC / COM contact. Connected to a button, the contact emits the signal which is transmitted to the receiver. This immediately broadcasts the sound.

The data for this music is transmitted by the MySensors system. It is composed of an arduino and an NFR24L01. As for the signal, it is conveyed by Gladys: a program installed on raspberry and 2 MySensors / Pushbullet / SMS Free Mobile modules.

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