How to make a perfect caramel?

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Caramel is a classic in cooking. It is a confectionery produced as a result of cooking sugar. Appreciated by young and old, it goes very well with several pastries, sweets, and others. Still, when it comes to its preparation, it doesn’t have a good reputation, as many find it difficult to achieve.

Whether you are a beginner or not in cooking, we give you here some tips, which will allow you to succeed with your caramel every time!

Choose your ingredients carefully!

Sugar is the basic ingredient in caramel. Choosing the right one is therefore essential. We recommend that you use a very fine powdered sugar, very white in color. Brown sugar and crystal sugar are to be avoided. In the preparation, you can add a few drops of lemon or vinegar to keep it liquid.

Of course, the different additions depend on what you want to do with your caramel. You may not use lemon to cover your popcorns out of the machine, but rather for a good cake for dessert.

Using a large container to cook your caramel will help you avoid splashing. Also, you will need to be vigilant. A few seconds of inattention could cost you dearly because the caramel burns quickly. So in addition to missing your recipe, you may end up with a charred pan, and possibly unrecoverable.

If this is your first experience, don’t be discouraged if it is inconclusive. With a little patience and practice, you will definitely get there.

The importance of water in the preparation

A little water is necessary, even essential, to make caramel. Without it, hydrolysis cannot take place. This chemical phenomenon consists of the division of sucrose (white sugar) into two distinct molecules: glucose and fructose. It is the recomposition of these two molecules that forms caramel.

In the case of dry caramel, it is the water present in the air that is used for hydrolysis. So it will be easier for you to do it in a wet kitchen.

Avoid mixing the preparation!

You should not mix the preparation, even if the temptation is strong. In fact, crystallization takes place because of impurities which can destroy the quality of the preparation when entering it. To avoid this, do not mix your caramel. Like bloggers Camille and Lucile, we recommend that you shake or shake the pan a little.

Stop the fire at the right time!

Regarding the color, as soon as the caramel turns amber, remove the pan from the heat. Indeed, even after removing the heat, the caramel continues to heat for a few minutes. We must therefore anticipate this, and do not wait for the caramel to turn brown before turning off the heat.

If you have left your preparation on the fire for too long, you can immerse the saucepan in a larger container filled with cold water. This will stop the cooking, and the caramel will cool faster.

Some ideas for using caramel

Caramel can be used for sweet or savory dishes.

You can drizzle it over pancakes or popcorn. It will also be perfect for topping on ice. Flan cakes, creams, donuts, pies and candied fruits will also be delicious with caramel. To give your coffees another flavor, you can add caramel.

Caramel also gives fish and meat a special taste. You can, for example, make a delicious caramel pork, cod or caramel salmon, or an exquisite caramel chicken dish. With this preparation, there is no shortage of recipes. You can give free rein to your culinary genius, and deliciously surprise your loved ones.

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