How to make a Staircase in a Mound of Earth?

Making a staircase in a mound of earth is a very beneficial arrangement. It offers good quality comfort and decor. However, it is an often complex operation that requires a lot of effort. To achieve it, there are a number of steps to follow.

Make a slatted installation

There are several materials to install these stairs. But if you go for resistance, the metal grating is the solution. Indeed, its installation is easy and provides many advantages. It offers protection against bad weather and limits slipping.

This is the reason why it is often placed in outdoor locations. The strength of the metal grating is the result of its constituent materials. These are mainly stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized steel.

How to prepare the ground for installing a slatted staircase?

Preparing the ground is one of the most important steps. To do this, a number of elements must be taken into consideration. First, you have to break the ground. This phase consists of making the floor suitable for the installation of the staircase.

It involves weeding and removing stones. After the disbursement, it is necessary to create a seated. During this step, you must dig to level the ground. It is best to use a backhoe or bulldozer. This operation stabilizes the installation. This prevents the rapid deterioration of the stairs.

What are the steps to install a slatted staircase?

To install a slatted staircase, you have to go through a few essential steps. You have to :

The stringers are very important in the placement of the staircase. They serve as support for the various materials of the latter. They must therefore be installed in a solid manner. To do this, choose the correct dimensions. It suffices thereafter to fix them well.

To carry out this operation, you must first of all opt for the number of steps. After this choice, the assembly will be done in the same way. To do this, you must follow the instructions according to the type of steps. You can use drills in some cases. To work in complete safety, it is recommended to wear gloves and glasses.

The last step is to set up the ramp. To design it, we must first lay down supports. This will be done according to the chosen dimensions. Then you have to install the dowels. These must be well fixed. In some cases, the ramps are delivered prefabricated.

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