How to Make an Engagement Ring Unique?

The engagement is one of the most important moments in a life. One of the key elements marking this period is the engagement ring. The chosen one of your heart being unique to you, you want his ring to look like him. How then to make your engagement ring irreplaceable?

Choose yourself the diamond that will be on the ring

For an original ring that is out of the ordinary, you must start by choosing for yourself the diamond that will adorn your jewelry. After observing most of the existing models, there are certain criteria that you should use in order to obtain a quality diamond.

Among the criteria for buying diamonds, you have the size, but also the shape. Round, oval, triangle and heart diamonds are the most common in the market. You will also find diamonds with sophisticated shapes that will make your ring unique.

You should also take into account the color of your diamond. There are colorless diamonds having a nuanced white and colored diamonds. Colored diamonds are the rarest.

The purity of the diamond is also a factor to take into account. It is generally recommended when making your purchase, to avoid diamonds of purities classified S13 or pitted. These diamond families contain a lot of impurities.

Engrave the ring to make it more personal

One of the easiest and most effective ways to make your ring unique is to have it engraved. However, it is very important to make the right choice of text and engraving, because your engraved jewelry will remain so for life. This choice should therefore not be made in a hurry.

For most rings, the number of characters that can be engraved is around 20, including spaces. It is important to know that concerning the models made with stones, this number of characters is much reduced.

For your engagement, you can, for example, think about having a sentence engraved. This sentence will be divided in two and will only take on its full meaning when the two rings are united.

Make a bespoke engagement ring

Wedding ring set, with a ring with a dimant, solitaire

The custom-made engagement ring is clearly the best-known way to make your ring unique. For this, you must first start by knowing the ring size of the chosen one of your heart. Then you will choose the design as well as the diamond that will make your fiancée happy.

Several designs exist for your engagement rings. You have among others the solitaire, which is made of a single diamond that sits on a single ring. There is also the trilogy ring, which consists of a main diamond and two small diamonds on the sides.

The halo is made of a central stone surrounded by a ring of small diamonds. By taking inspiration from these different designs, you can imagine the unique model that will make your fiancée the most fulfilled.

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