How to make an outdoor pond with koi carp?

The maintenance of outdoor gardens usually requires more attention than indoor ones, especially if you want to put ponds. However, it is not the planning ideas that are lacking to give a blow of charm to this place. By acquiring the appropriate tools, we manage to make this living space a real ecosystem.

To effectively arrange your pond, you must think about where to place it, its dimensions and the fish to favor. Here are some tips for the success of your project.

How deep for a garden pond?

Choosing the depth of the garden is essential for more than one reason. In fact, your garden pond will certainly accommodate living species. It must therefore be deep enough to allow and facilitate the development of species.

Its depth therefore depends on the species it hosts. For plants, an average depth of 60 cm is ideal. However, for fish that move a lot, the depth should be up to 150 cm. This will allow them to live properly and to take refuge in depth in the event of too harsh winters.

Where to place a garden pond?

We must not forget that the basin is a decorative piece with which we can have fun. You must therefore choose a location that is easily accessible for you and that you can see from your balcony or from your interior window.

However, there are also other elements to take into account such as its exposure to the sun or its distance from large trees. For the development of fish and plants, a place that enjoys 6 hours of sun exposure per day is recommended. It is, therefore, out of the question to install your pond near a large tree which gives it shade all day.

What are the dimensions of a garden pond?

Beyond the depth of your garden pond, the dimensions are also to be taken into account. To maintain good aquatic life and promote the mobility of your fish if you have them, a large pond will be ideal.

A 4.5 m² area will be a perfect universe for the growth of any fish. A digging 3 m long and 1.5 m wide will therefore do the trick.

What fish to put in an outdoor pond?

For fish, you have the option of choosing between sturgeons, goldfish, Koï carp or even melanote Ides. The most trendy at the moment are Koi carp because they are exotic and splendid.

These colorful fish can reach 80 cm in length and are a marvel to observe. They are also very close to humans, so you can stroke them without a problem if you bend down to feed them. They can also cohabit without problem with other species.

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