How to make beautiful food photos for your recipes?

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Can’t get a satisfying result with your food photos? Don’t miss our tips to transform your recipes into beautiful shots that will be totally Instagrammable!

Knowing how to take beautiful photos is now a real asset, especially if you want to broadcast your family recipes on recipe sites such as, your recipes will be the stars of the site.

Promote natural light

It is not always easy in an interior to capture the exterior light and yet, it is your best ally to take beautiful culinary photos or you need good equipment to simulate it. The artificial lights in our homes are indeed too soft to truly do justice to a lovingly created dish.

We therefore take advantage of the rare rays of the sun, preferably those of the morning, in order to give body and color to your future shots. To increase the odds on your side, you can play with a white surface (paper, plate, cardboard…) to reflect the light.

However, it is strictly forbidden to use the flash to take your photo if you run out of light! It’s the best way to sabotage your own cliché. Instead, try modifying the contrasts to achieve a natural balance of colors.

Tell a story with your dish

Accessory, depth of field, angle of view… the devil is hidden in the details. This is also true in the field of food photos to tell a story through your shot. So forget about empty photos and work on your form as much as possible.

While shooting, use the angle to highlight the volumes. For depth of field, do not hesitate to bring out your dish with a blur effect in the foreground or background. Finally, accessorize your dish to give character to your shot. To bring your dish to life, experiment and let your imagination run wild!

Prefer a camera to a smartphone

If you can take cool photos with a smartphone, it’s not a panacea for indoor shots, with low light. But know that in reality, the majority of food photos that you can see on Instagram are not taken with a smartphone, but with a good camera.

With the latter you will get a better rendering, and that in all possible and imaginable situations! To then post your snapshot on Instagram, the solution is to send it to yourself, by e-mail, and to receive it on your smartphone.

How to make flat photos for Instagram?

Instagram is a holy land to share the food porn, but avoid using the many filters and settings made available by the application in order to retouch your shots. If you need to make some modifications, prefer third-party image processing applications.

For smartphone applications, we can for example quote Afterlight or Snapseed which do the trick very well. But in order not to distort your photo, just play with contrast, color saturation and brightness.

If these three points are not enough to catch up with the little typos in your shot, it is because the work done upstream is not enough and we encourage you to take the shot again. An Instagram filter is by no means a miracle solution to your problem!

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