How to Make the Best Choice of Lawn Mower for a Perfectly Trimmed Garden?

The mower is an essential equipment to simplify the maintenance of the lawn or the lawn of your garden. It comes in a variety of electric, thermal and battery (or cordless) models.

Here is our selection of the best mowers for your garden and our tips to help you choose the right model for your needs.

How to choose your electric or gas mower?

Note that several criteria must be taken into account when purchasing a lawn mower.

Whether you choose an electric or gasoline mower, it is imperative that you define your needs, the size of your garden and the type of lawn to mow beforehand.

With these details, it will be easier for you to compare the features of different models to find the one that offers the performance and convenience that meets your expectations.

Top 3 best mowers for mowing in your garden

Take advantage of a selection of mowers that meet these different criteria. So with this choice you will find the mower most suited to your needs, for your garden.

Greenworks G40LM35K2X Battery Lawn Mower

The 2 40V lithium-ion batteries built into the mower give you the autonomy and the power you need to work easily and without too much effort. Its 35 cm cutting surface makes it ideal for mowing gardens that do not exceed 500 m² in area.

You can adjust the height up to 5 levels between 20-70mm. It is equipped with a 40 liter collection bag and a practical dual function for collection and mulching. Its compact and cordless design gives you great maneuverability and easy storage.

Bosch corded lawn mower – ARM 32

The simplicity and efficiency of mowing is guaranteed by its powerful 1200 W Powerdrive motor. With a cutting diameter of 32 cm, its steel blade mows precisely to the edge and can be adjusted between 20 to 60 mm in height. height.

Its 31-liter collection box offers good collection capacity and reduces back and forth trips for emptying the bag. At only 6.8 kg, it is a very light and compact mower that you can easily handle, transport and store.

Greencut GLM690SX – Self-propelled petrol lawn mower 139cc 5hp cut 40cm

This Greencut petrol lawn mower is equipped with a powerful 139 cc OHV 4-stroke gasoline engine, air-cooled and delivering 5 HP. Combined with a cutting diameter of 40 cm, the mower offers excellent performance on small to medium lawns / lawns of around 200-400 m².

Its double-edged blade allows 3 adjustment positions for the cutting height between 25 to 75 mm. You have two options for grass collection including a rear outlet and a 45 liter collection bag. Its manual Easy-start system allows a quick and effortless start.

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