How to make your apartment cat exercise more?

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In the collective unconscious, cats are lazy animals that sleep all day and who do not really exercise. However, the reality is quite different! Our cats are animals that need stimulation and interaction.

Exercising your cat is therefore a situation we can find ourselves in if we gain a little too much weight, so how do you go about putting it in sport?

How to stimulate it at home

The most important thing to do when it comes to putting our cats to sport is to turn exercise sessions into play sessions : congratulating him verbally and rewarding him with a treat is the best way to give him a taste for sport!

Awaken in him his hunting instincts

Far from being inactive and lazy animals, cats are real felines, endowed with a still intact hunting instinct. You just need to revive it! Provide us with toys with catnip, a fishing rod etc.

In short, any toy that moves or hangs from a cord will do to set up a game of stimulation and hunting.

Training, a fun activity for the cat and its owner

Like dogs, cats can be trained. Small daily training sessions are a great way to stimulate our hairball. A few treats in our hands and let’s go to make him sit down but also to make him jump from chair to chair.

Stimulate your cat in our absence

For most of us, we are forced to be away during the day. Thus, our cat must take care of itself. Several alternatives are possible like buy him a scratching post or hide portions of his daily ration of kibble in hard-to-reach places. This method will awaken in him his physical and intellectual capacities and will bring him closer to his state in nature.

Make him discover the outside if there is no access alone

Regular exercise helps our cats have better overall health. It is true that going outside is a great way to exercise our little furballs. Getting him out in the garden to start is a nice alternative: he can climb trees, scratch the grass etc. the whole of your land will then become a real playground for your kitten who will take a liking to it.

The external environment: a real source of stimulation for the cat

The regular walks of an accustomed cat, for their part, will depend above all on whether or not your animal is fearful, especially if he has never had real contact with the outside. To start the walks will have to be short and then longer if he likes it, do not forget to choose the right walking accessories either.

But above all …

Just like a healthy and balanced diet, regular physical activity is the solution for complete well-being for our animal. On the other hand, the most important remains give your cat time and attention. Creating a bond with him is and will remain the best way to give our little furballs the desire to play with us!

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