How to Make Your iPhone Unique?

IPhones are popular phones around the world, nearly 1 in 3 people have an iPhone. We can finally say that this phone is no longer ordinary and yet each user can add their own touch to personalize their iPhone and make it unique. Hull, original interface or unusual accessories, how to make your iPhone unique?

Opt for a personalized case

Multiple personalized iphone cases

Multiple customization options are available to make your iPhone case unique. First, you can opt for simple cases that you can customize yourself. In this regard, there are several DIY (do it yourself) tutorials to guide you in your choice. Paint, varnish or stickers, the choice is quite varied.

The second option is to find a customizable iPhone case directly on specialized online sales sites. Their use is quite simple, you just have to select the shell model, suitable for your iPhone. You can then add photos, images, quotes, symbols, patterns or any other element of your choice.

Then specify the colors, dimensions and other specificities before confirming your purchase. The seller takes care of the customization before delivering your unique case to you.

Add unique accessories

Apart from the cases, interface and icons, you can personalize your iPhone by adding other elements. We’re referring here to things like the brackets that stick to the back of the phone. There are unique shapes that you can also personalize with images.

You can also opt for cases, covers or even necklace cords for iPhone. These are available in a variety of colors and you can customize them with beads or other materials.

Finally, personalized Bluetooth headphones are also good options to make your iPhone unique. Choose them in rare colors or have your initials or a word that looks like you engraved on them.

Change interface and icons

Woman holding iphone osn in hands and showing her screen with different icons

General iPhone interface themes are common to most users. To add your personal touch, it is possible to completely change the appearance of the screen and the application icons.

To do this, first change your iPhone wallpaper. You can do this by accessing the “settings” menu then “choose new wallpaper” from your phone.

As for the icons, their customization is possible with applications like WidgetSmith, Drawcon, etc. It is up to you to go to the App Store to download them and follow the necessary customization instructions. Otherwise you can always opt for the application shortcuts offered in your iPhone settings.

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