How to make your website stand out from the crowd?

If you are the head of a company or you are part of the marketing team of it, one of your goals is surely to make your website known. You have read a lot of things on the internet and in the end, you don’t know where to turn … To help you focus your attention, your time and your work on the essential points, we have written this mini-guide for you.

1. Create smart content

It is not enough to publish content on the pages of your site regularly to win you the favor of Internet users. In order for them to read your articles, watch your videos or consult your freshly made infographics, all these media must be interested in the needs and concerns of your target audience. If you only post on topics that you are familiar with, or that interest you, you may waste time structuring long, compelling articles that will only interest you. All seasoned web professionals, such as Mediaveille, will confirm this to you.

To produce smart content, get to know your target audience. Go to the same events as her, read the blogs she reads, be present on the same social networks as her, etc. The more you get to know her, the better you can meet her expectations. Better still: it could be that by deepening your knowledge about it, you will discover new areas and adapt your offer.

2. Make good use of advertising

Advertising can help you gain visibility, but beware! If you use Google Ads, be sure to adjust your settings, otherwise you may have unpleasant surprises!

Unlike content, advertising will bring you traffic for a limited period of time: the one during which you will have enough budget. It can pay off (no pun intended!) When launching a new product or offering, when you hit the market, when you face a sudden loss of turnover. , etc.

In order for advertising to bring you qualified traffic, you will have to find the words that will find your target. You can, to be sure not to spend money unnecessarily, call on professionals seasoned in Google’s techniques, or spy on your competitors to see what title they give to their ad, what they put forward, etc. .

3. Attract with e-mailing

Mastering the art of e-mailing takes time and persistence! Indeed, convincing prospects through a text requires mastering the basics of commercial and / or prospecting techniques, a dose of empathy and interest, good notions of copywriting or a personality sufficiently marked to stand out from other companies, whose emails could well end up in the “spam” category …

If you manage to reach your prospects and interest them in what you offer them, you will only have to retain them!

Don’t be afraid to combine these three tips. Applied at the same time, they can really help your site take off and gain new visitors who are truly interested in your business.

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