How to Manage a Multi Point of Sale Business?

For a manager, effectively managing a store is already a success. When the challenge consists of taking over the management of several points of sale, it becomes essential to opt for another strategy. The regular points, the use of adapted computer tools are among others to be privileged to manage a business with multiple points of sale and to see the success of each one of them.

Have the right IT tools

Managing a multi-point-of-sale business is possible thanks to the use of technological solutions. The possibility is offered to use computer equipment dedicated to this type of management. These will allow you to have a wide visibility and to centralize remotely the progress of activities on all your sites. The intuitive cash register is one of the best tools designed for this purpose. The touch-sensitive cash register allows the management and monitoring of nearly ten different businesses and takes into account different variables, stock, turnover, visits.

You can also use videoconferencing to hold meetings and use information sharing tools. Delegating responsibilities to a trusted employee also makes it possible to receive updated dashboards on daily sales on their computer.

Check in regularly with your various employees

To manage your business well organized in several points of sale, the second option which presents itself is to make a regular point thanks to physical meetings. In practice, this will mean retaining a given day and time in the week to hold a meeting with your staff. This planning of debriefing sessions should be done at each site.

Of course, it can seem taxing to move and go from site to site. Also, you can for example make use of a chat service to maintain contact between the different employees of your stores. This niche allows you to ask specific questions and resolve any blockages in real time.

As a manager do not stay in the same store all the time

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To manage your business in multiple points of sale, the last option to explore is to be present simultaneously at your different points of sale. As a manager or manager of a commercial structure, your physical presence is necessary so as not to give your employees the impression that you show little interest in their work.

Even if you have tools that allow you to manage your stores remotely, going to your stores will build trust between you and your employees. Your words as a leader can at these times help to motivate, encourage the pursuit of objectives, etc. On the other hand, this will also allow you to have an appreciation of the real level of productivity of your ancillary structures.

Your visits can be monthly or weekly depending on the management policy you have adopted. By doing so, you will appreciate with an objective eye the rate of frequentation of the point of sale. It is also possible that you detect and correct certain flaws that could lead to lower profitability. It could be a slack in security, a poor reception or a slow service to customers.

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