How to Manage an Emergency Sewage Rise in Paris?

Do you smell stinky water in your bathroom? Or worse, the water from the pipes rises and floods your apartment? These unpleasant situations are generally due to a blockage in the evacuation system of your home or building.

They can also occur as a result of a breakdown in your city’s sewer system. What are the rules to follow to remedy this malfunction?

How to unclog your drains?

There are several methods of unclogging a sewage drain. The first tip is also the simplest: just boil some water in a saucepan. Once it’s ready, pour it down the drain. Then wait a few seconds for unclogging.

Another simple, yet effective way to unclog your drains is to grab a wire shed from your closet. Straighten it as much as you can, then curl one end into a small hook. This should cling to the dirt accumulated inside.

Also, the combination of baking soda and salt can help unclog a drain. Indeed, the two create a chemical reaction that can help clear even the worst blockages. To do this, mix ½ cup of salt and ½ cup of baking soda and pour it down your clogged drain.

By doing this, you can easily succeed in unclogging your drain. If the problem still persists after applying these tips, then contact a professional in the field.

If the problem persists, call a plumber

Plumber unclogging faucet pipes

Calling a plumber can be the last resort when you still can’t unclog your drains with DIY solutions. However, some liquids used can damage or destroy pipes and septic tanks. It is therefore important to hire a professional plumber.

Indeed, the latter has some experience in the quick and safe resolution of any pipe problem. Likewise, what appears to be a simple mouthpiece to the uninitiated may in fact be more complicated than it appears and likely requires expert attention.

In any case, call on Débouche Canalisation in Paris for an emergency intervention when you face any problem related to the malfunction of your pipe.

How to avoid the rise of odors from the sewers?

Woman stopping her nose for bad smells

Upwellings of sewage bring with them unappreciated odors, they are associated with vapors that leave a rotten egg smell in its wake.

Once you have identified these bad odors in your home, it is important to quickly identify the source. The most common causes are, among others, the evaporation of waste water in the pipes

However, there are several methods to eliminate these disturbing odors from your home. First, you can apply a bead or line of putty around the exposed area. Your bathroom will smell a pleasant fragrance in no time.

It is also possible to run water through your pipe system. This allows the P-trap to properly fill with water again and effectively prevent those odors from entering your home.

In a building, do not forget to contact your trustee

Person holding a phone to make a call

When you live in a rental property, it is important to contact your trustee when sewage rises in your room. Indeed, the property manager is the only one to solve such a problem.

He usually calls in a professional plumber to perform a complete check-up of the building in order to fix and prevent the problem in the future. The plumber’s bill is then paid by the trustee.

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